Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nerdiest Thing I Own: Ryan T.

I was torn between a few things when trying to think of the nerdiest thing I own. I'll mention the runner-ups first.

1) My mid-high end gaming computer with a 23" LED monitor.

2) A CM Storm Sentinel Advance gaming mouse purchased for my birthday by KnownAsTron. A very thoughtful gift, as I use my computer every day.

What kind of nerdy asian doesn't like video games? Like white people dominating Hockey and black people dominating Basketball, we dominate the video gaming aspect. I purchased these at the annual Poster Sale on campus in Term 1 and can't wait til they return in Term 2 so I can buy more. I highly suggest checking these games out as I'd say they are some of the best games of 2011. I plan to "nerd-out" one of my room walls with solely video game posters. (Not pictured, but I also bought a Hong Kong and Bruce Lee poster which I plan to buy variants of when they come back for Term 2)

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