Saturday, December 25, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Snowboard Setup

I know I put up the picture of boxes of the goods up earlier, but I finally put my board together. I got the Forum Honeypot for that skateboard feel along with Forum Faction bindings and Forum Fastplant boots. The boots have a resemblance of the Supra Skytop, but make up for that with comfort and the price was right. I plan on going to Table Mountain Wednesday, so feel free to come up as well!

R. Mack

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Short clip of the SNAP! photography show held by featuring photographers Ricky Powell and Saskatoon's Chad Coombs and Geoff Warrington. Both Ryan and I had the pleasure of attending and found it to be really enjoyable. Don't just take my word for it, check the video.

Video cred: JJ


PS3 Releases

So it appears that for the Playstation 3 there will be a release of X-Men Arcade for Playstation Network and the Sega Dreamcast Collection. The last time I ever played X-men Arcade was at that Playdium in Edmonton, which I have no reason why they closed down. I think six people were able to play at the same time with characters such as Wolverine, Cyclop and Nightcrawler. Enjoy that side scrolling action.

Sega Dreamcast Collection on the other hand contains my favorite Dreamcast game, Powerstone 2. Originally playing it I had no idea what it was from, but years later they released a television show on YTV. In my opinion it is a better Super Mario Smash Brothers, check the link.

R. Mack

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's that point of time where Saskatoon gets cold and stays cold. Especially today with that rain that froze instantly. People are always complaining about the cold and are wondering how to stay warm. At this time of year a lot of folks travel to warm destinations but those who stay in the city such as myself must bear the cold. Personally on a typical winter day I will wear my Reigning Champ polar tech zip up, my North Face "Gotham" down jacket, Adidas x Ransom "Summit Boots" and a Broadway Roastery "London Fog" always compliments the weather.

How do you deal with the winter?

R. Mack

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been playing a fair bit of FIFA11 when I'm not studying, if anyone is looking for some matches on 1v1 add me at "MackHS" or to play 2v2 against Dallas and I add "hellosaskatoon".

R. Mack

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bun B

If anyone is a fan of UGK/Bun B, he will be at the Pat tonight.

I just laughed because Bun B had a tweet saying "Hello Saskatoon!" and doesn't like our cold weather.

R. Mack

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I recently created a new Hypebeast account. I am disappointed with the things I posted in highschool on my old account. I created the new account "hellosaskatoon" to be entertained with all of the fashion and off topic threads. The things people say on this forum are ridiculous and you can find out the latest drops of clothing, music, video games, etc.

R. Mack


Yesterday we finally ordered the hello saskatoon stickers. Now everyone can contribute by putting a sticker somewhere to get the word out. I, for one will be placing one on my snowboard. They are said to come soon, but we are planning on giving some out with purchases of shirts. Just wait until January, we have a couple of surprises for the New Year.

R. Mack

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is coming!

While finals have begun, I have started to notice Christmas slowly creeping up. I'm guilty of being a last minute shopper as far as Christmas presents go, but this year I plan on changing that. I have also noticed that as we approach December 25th, more and more places are starting to play Christmas music. I know alot of people get easily annoyed by the constant reminder and the sounds of bells and harps. I, on the other hand find it to be a nice change of pace.

One of my personal favourites.


Study Breaks

When I'm not studying I have been continuing with my addiction to Dragonball. I finally caught up and watched up to episode 84 in Dragonball Z Kai. Posts ago I mentioned that there was some controversy over whether the Dragonball Z was different from Kai. The story is the exact same but there are less episodes making it a lot easier to watch. Episode 85 in the original series was when Goku comes out of the healing chamber to fight Frieza on Namek while episode 85 in Kai is right before the Cell Games. This newer season makes it easier to watch and is more enjoyable in my opinion.

Last night I started to watch the old movies, so far I have seen: "Dead Zone", "The World's Strongest", "The Tree of Might" and "Lord Slug". These have all been before the arrival of Raditz so there are minimal characters and Gohan is still a child. If anyone wants to watch, I have been watching Dragonball Z Kai in Japanese on Anime Freak and the movies on via JJ.

R. Mack

Monday, December 6, 2010


My snowboard bindings have been sent and I was planning to go snowboarding Wednesday now that Table Mountain is open. It's highly unlikely that I will get them before then, looks like snowboarding will have to wait until after finals. That's too bad. But soon I will have a photo up of the complete snowboard.

R. Mack

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello, Again



Dragon Ball Z Kai

Lately my brother has been spending an hour every Saturday watching Dragon Ball Z Kai. Apparently the difference between this and the classic Dragon Ball Z is the theme song and now many "filler" episodes have been removed. Although there is controversy of whether the story has changed, only two seasons have been released. In my memory I do remember fight scenes lasting 10 episodes. But now he has begun to watch episodes on Megavideo where I now join him. It's like grade 2 all over again, watching countless hours of Dragon Ball. I forgot how much I enjoyed it all, my cousin was really into which drove me to like it as well. I have seen it all: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and all of the both Cantonese and English. This is also a terrible thing to do before finals because I get addicted to television series easily (I watched all Big Bang Theory and Modern Family episodes in two weeks).

R. Mack


My Adidas x Ransom "The Summit" came in yesterday morning. I am ready to wear these all winter and lay my other sneakers to rest until summer. I am glad to get these so soon, considering that they were just ordered Friday. The boot is great, nice laces, upper materials, grip and color way (black/olive/brown). The only thing that I would have liked to seen is metal buckles rather than plastic ones. Here's a photo of the new addition to my collection (I really need to get a camera to replace my BB Cam):
R. Mack

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jordan 8 Aquas

Since it's winter, I have just been wearing a few select pair of shoes: Vans Zapato's, Authentic's and Adidas Campus Vulc. But today I have a school project for marketing and I need to bring a pair of sneakers for my presentation. I always forget I own these...surprise surprise!
R. Mack