Monday, February 13, 2012

Nerdiest Thing I Own: Connor

Good morning Internet,

Today's "Nerdiest Thing I Own" is brought to you by our friend Connor. I would like to say that this collection is the most gangster of collections that we can all relate to. Check it.

The nerdiest thing I own hands down is my pokemon card collection. I have somewhere around 600 or 700 cards, which includes:

  • 4 separate decks for battling, each with their own type (fire, fighting, psychic/grass, and water/lightning)

  • Around 300 extra pokemon cards, divided into separate types

  • 65 trainer cards (not including the ones I use in the battle decks) and 43 cards that I can't even use because they're stage 1 or 2 pokemon and I don't own the previous evolution

What makes this collection even nerdier is that these aren't my old pokemon cards that I've been saving since I was a kid or anything. My mom threw away all of my old pokemon cards. All of these cards I've purchased within the past 3 years, probably at least $300 worth. I can't even say that I was an obsessed kid, just a grown man that likes to play pokemon. S'all good!


You can follow Connor on twitter at @connoriswhite.

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