Thursday, July 29, 2010


My brother two weekends ago participated in Saskatchewan's provincial championship game in the under 16 premier group. They won the game two nothing and for nationals they are invited to play in Toronto. I am sitting on the fence right now about going because it is expensive and is during the school year. The plan may be that a couple of hello saskatoon members are going, so this could be a lot of fun. I will let everyone know the plans if I choose to go with my family and friends.

R. Mack

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye Calgary/Red Deer

My trip had gone as planned, I spent the majority of time with my family. Amazing food including: traditional chinese food, ribs, lobster and fish tacos. In our spare time we shopped, played basketball (I am worse than I thought I was), batting cages, arcade and seeing Inception.

When I was in Calgary Aashna and I saw Drake perform. We were in line outside for approximately two and a half hours. When we got in we realized there was no seating and it was way too hot. The crowd was very diverse and like usual everyone was spilling drinks on me. Overall Drake was good live, better at singing than I thought he would be.

We also did a bit of shopping, my favorite stop was Livestock where I purchased a Reigning Champ hood. Livestock is always cool because the guys there are knowledgable and welcoming. Cross Iron Mills was also new to me, it had a variety of stores that paid interest to everyone.

Lastly I received the Nissan Maxima, it is a lot more luxurious and fun than my Civic. I plan to show everyone photos when I get the chance.

R. Mack

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Computer!

Today I stood in line at Best Buy to accompany my girlfriend in buying a HP netbook. At an amazing deal, I got sucked into buying one as well. for 200$ you can't go wrong! I was thinking about using it for school, so if I love it enough, I will keep it. Setting up everything now and giving it a try, it definitely looks like a keeper. Really pumped to have it, and to me, a very good investment.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taste of Saskatchewan

It's that time of year again where Saskatoon starts bumping with festivals. Always to come first is the Taste of Saskatchewan. The Taste of Saskatchewan has made a lot of noise this week. If you have never been, it takes place along the river. It has a large selection of foods and drinks. I didn't eat anything but the environment was busier than ever. Saw a lot of people I knew, hung out with the family and some friends along the river. Food is generally the same as last year but I recommend everyone to do the fish tacos at Avocados. This isn't lasting much longer so get your homies or your girls together and experience some good food.

R. Mack

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Resident Evil 5

Whenever Dallas and I don't have plans made we choose to game. Today after researching top cooperative games on PS3 we found Resident Evil 5. This is funny because we started the second one at the beginning of the year and never finished it, because it was both hard and I got freaked out when arms grabbed me through walls. We played for a couple of hours today, and I recommend people to try this game out if they enjoy a good story and a lot of action. We aren't the most tactical or brave but the game is a lot of fun and was definitely worth it's $25 at Hi-Tech Game Traders.

R. Mack

Monday, July 19, 2010


I saw this movie on friday with little expectations. It was directed by Christopher Nolan, director of Dark Knight but way less hype. After watching it I can say that it is easily on par with the Dark Knight, perhaps even surpassing it in my eyes. Inception is one of those movies that grasps your attention from the get go, holding it until the end credits roll. The main concept behind the movie is the ability to extract and plant(incept) information/ideas through dreams. Due to the complexity of the story I am unable to go into great detail without spewing paragraphs upon paragraphs. What I can tell you is that it's worth the 10 bones and a bucket of popcorn. So grab your girl/friends/family and go see it, you won't regret it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So it comes to a conclusion, I am coming home with a Nissan Maxima next week from Red Deer. Super excited for the car because it is an upgrade on the Civic in terms of power windows, locks, engine and is more luxurious. Although I will miss the Civic's adventures and standard transmission this trade off will be well worth it.

R. Mack

Get Jacked

R. Mack

2011 Games

Lately this year I have been getting back into the 1 v 1 games that I played as a child, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. My cousin James had got me into both games when SNES was the thing. I was on IGN just looking at reviews and new trailers and I came across a couple. This first one is Mortal Kombat, I was never that good at MK but the characters and story always intrigued me much more than Street Fighter. I also used to get scared in MK 4 when your character died, he/she would fall in the pit of spikes. But in this new Mortal Kombat you are able to fight 2 v 2 in a tag team sort of setting. This makes me reminsce of Tekken Tag Team. I am excited for a good plot and violent gameplay.

The other game that has me excited is Marvel vs Capcom 3. Everytime this game comes out there is a change of characters, I just hope that my favorites are in it. My main concern with this game is whether the games playing style will be like previous Capcom games or Street Fighter in terms of doing super special attacks.

Both have me equally excited, this will result in late nights with the hello saskatoon family.

R. Mack

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Big Three!

Watch out for the beast from the east! Miami is being really aggresive not only re-signing Dwayne Wade, but acquiring Lebron James and fellow Raptor, Chris Bosh. Each individual on their own is amazing, but put together? We will all have to witness the greatness these players bring to the game when the season begins. Wade a six time NBA All-star, Lebron a two time NBA MVP, and Bosh a five time NBA All-star, are all teaming up, with chemistry already from them all being on team USA, they will be very fun to watch. With this deal happening July 10, the Heat are still looking for more pieces to make their roster, a winning team. July 16, the Heat struck another contract, signing Mike Miller who was a free agent. Adding Mike, the Heat are one step closer to completing their roster. I'm really excited to see what happens next season.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Munny: Frankenstein

My friend Trevor over at Single Second does a lot of artwork on his own as well as for Single Second. I remember looking at his facebook picture where he had about 15 Munny's. I think I have seen three so far, but his latest has been my favorite.

Follow Trevor on Twitter at "TheOtherGuy" or "SingleSecond" and see more Munny's at

R. Mack

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hello saskatoon tees

We still have shirts left, let us know if you would like one for yourself or a friend.

R. Mack

Artistic abilities

Today I ran over to Momentum on 8th street to visit everyone and pick up a Kidrobot Munny, Rooz and Krink. I will struggle with this because I have very little artistic skills but this should be interesting.

R. Mack

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calgary trip

So on the eighteenth of this month I am heading to Calgary with some of my family because I have a lot of relatives there. The plan is to visit all of my family and hopefully see my good friend Ryan Contenti that I used to play soccer with. I will do a bit of shopping at Group Seven and Livestock in search of a Reigning Champ zip up hoodie.

If I sell my Civic soon, I will also be able to pick up the Nissan Maxima. I don't want to get my hopes up too high but I really do want that vehicle. Another huge plan for the trip is to go and see Drake at the Big Four building on July 25. Aashna will be flying up that day to come see it with me. I am very excited for that, should be a lot of fun. Other than that Chinese dinners every night and hanging out with friends and family. Calgary is always a fun trip.

R. Mack

Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Champions

This has been the first time that Spain has won a World Cup. First Euros two years ago and now World Cup. After panic of Robben missing two breakaways and subbing on both Fabregas and Torres, Iniesta was able to get his lucky break. I have been with Spain since the beginning so I am truly excited. Hopefully Torres will heal from his knee injury and will be back at it for Liverpool.

R. Mack

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shirts Shirts Shirts!!!

Hey everyone, this is what you have all been waiting for! New shipment of shirts are in and ready to sell! Limited quantities are available, so get yours while you can! Shirts are going for $25 a piece, so contact either Ryan or myself if interested.


Friday, July 9, 2010

2010 World Cup Finals

If you don't already know, this sunday Holland and Spain play for the title of World Cup Champions. Neither of the two teams have ever won a World Cup title so regardless of the victor, history will be made. Personally i'm rooting for the Dutch, but after watching Spain's last game against Germany anything could happen. I wont be able to watch the game live due to work. Instead, i'll be furiously checking the score on my phone. Go Holland!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toy Story 3

Today I watched Toy Story 3, the first two were childhood favorites. The whole movie is quite interesting, but I cannot tell everyone what happens without spoiling it. It all takes place when Andy is seventeen and is off to college. The toys are clueless of what to do next, I recommend everyone to watch it especially if they were fans of the first two!

R. Mack

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Roots pt. 3

A couple of weeks ago, during the local Jazz Festival, I was fortunate enough to attend The Roots' concert. I say fortunate because, at first, I wasn't planning on attending and I waited until the day of to grab a sold out ticket (somehow my friend had an extra). Between arriving 5 hours early by accident, watching Questlove walk past me into his hotel, seeing Tuba Gooding Jr. jaywalk as he returned from the mall, and being hugged (several times..) by a drunk 40+ year old woman in the crowd, I'd say it was a good night. Apparently, The Roots are 1 of the 25 best live shows to see according to Rolling Stone, and this show wasn't an exception. I'd say I am an average Roots fan, Game Theory was my shit back when it was released in '06 and You Got Me was the first song of theirs I had ever heard. Didn't really dig Rising Down, but their newest album is a great listen especially with the Blu features.

I took some pictures and grabbed a few videos of the show with my camera: You Got Me, Get Busy, and some random stuff. Oh one more thing, I just have to say that Tuba Gooding Jr. exudes swag(ger) while playing.

At the end of the show Questlove threw out some of his covers to the crowd. I happened to catch one. Great night, great night.

Vehicle opportunity

Sunday my mom called me while I was at work to let me know that my cousin's husband had offered to sell me his car. After a lot of conflict over this idea with my family, my mom wants me to try and sell my car. If I can sell my car(1998 Honda Civic) in the next two to three weeks I am able to buy a 2001 Nissan Maxima SE. It has a navy exterior and is loaded. At the moment I am working on selling my car and making sure that I am able to get the car in Alberta back here. I am excited about this offer because of the price of the vehicle and the model itself, V6 engine with 227 hp.

R. Mack

Friday, July 2, 2010


Picked up a pair of charcoal/burgundy chukkas from momentum the other day. Going to skate them in place of my torn up tres. Hopefully they are as good as Ryan says.


Back at it

After all of this World Cup hype and the idea to begin playing for a team again this fall have just gotten me excited. My goal for pre-season is to get back into shape and get outside more often to kick a ball around. I would like to become a better player, or to atleast become as good as I was before for starters. This is definitely achievable, Aashna is going to play at USA cup and has soccer provincials and my brother has provincials coming near. This makes me feel terrible, I am usually playing at this time of year as well. Matter of fact, I never used to take breaks from soccer. I really hope this team works out.

R. Mack


A while back, Tyler, Mike, Dallas and I were trying to find a dry place to skate. This happened in the summer so the university was not busy late in the evening. The four of us had some little races.

R. Mack


Dallas and I tonight had followed a path by the Willows to watch some fireworks. The spot was cool, until some truck had to get in the way of my shot. Here's a clip of the fireworks (not the best quality).

R. Mack

Happy Birthday

This time this birthday goes to my little sister. Happy birthday Jess!

R. Mack

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada day & birthday

Not only is today Canada day, but it is also Mike's birthday. If you see him today don't forget to wish him the best.

R. Mack