Friday, September 19, 2014

Sirvis for LRG

Being on Instagram can give us photo envy or can inspire us. Depending on who we follow, we may see fit individuals, crazy artwork or videos of professional athletes. I've been following VisionElie for a while now and he has given me the idea to photograph people holding or playing with smoke bombs. After shooting, I think they're fun to photograph, instantly making your photo colourful and being the main attraction. I wanted to use the sun, bridge and water to give off a warm feeling (it was cold in fact) and use the dark field to give off an eerie feeling.

I've gotten to know Sirvis from working at the shop (Momentum) and the dude has been grinding with his artwork and music. He's been working so hard that he has gained the attention of LRG, so I instantly thought of him being the perfect model for this smoke bomb experiment that I have been playing with in my head. The mixture of LRG's classic streetwear graphics and fits combined with the gas mask, allowed me to capture exactly what I had envisioned.

Yours Truly