Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Typical Tuesday evening

Dallas is right this wear is shit! I was recently at New Island with Dallas, JJ and Aashna (pictures below). After we left the building, it was a nice rain and a lot of lightning. By the time I got to Aashna's to drop her off it was raining harder then I had forgot my iPod and camera so I went back to grab my toys and say goodbye to Aashna. I hung out with her and watched her pack for a bit until it was time to leave. The hail was painful to both me and my car. The drive was very scary (no lie) and had taken me 30 minutes to get home because I had to pull over. If you had read earlier on when hello saskatoon was created you would remember that I had been in my accident and my door was replaced. The new door and window has allowed water to leak into my vehicle. Not too happy about that.

R. Mack

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rain rain go away

Lately the weather here has been oddly tropical, with rain/thunderstorms becoming a daily routine. Tonight was particularly energetic.


Dinner Plans

Tonight at eight o'clock: Aashna, hello saskatoon crew and I are going to Saskatoon's New Island all you can eat sushi. The few of us had made plans last week, so this should be great. I will hit all of you with pictures of a fun little evening.

R. Mack

Monday, June 28, 2010


The dutch move on to quarters courtesy of Robben and Sneijder.


Fake Bake Gone Wrong

Yesterday after my work out I decided to go for a tan, since we have had basically no summer so far. After doing ten minutes in the tanning bed, everything seemed fine until later that night. I finally figured out that I was completely burnt, very sore, and was not going to have a good night sleep. With my thighs getting hit the hardest, it hurts to even touch them! As of today the pain has gone down a bit, but the redness is still in affect. I'll give it another day or so until I fully recover. Should of only done seven minutes...


Class Scheduling

All of that class scheduling. My first term schedule is almost completely different then what it was planned to be. I can deal with it though.

R. Mack

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Roots pt.2

Like Ryan said, last night we saw The Roots at the Saskatoon Jazz Festival. Fortunately I had my camera on hand again to take some videos. I may take amateur-as-shit videos/pictures but it's all good! This will be a cross blog post as I'll be posting the finished thing on my other site Inno (shameless promotion), but in the meantime it's a HELLO SASKATOON EXCLUSIVE haha.

Sometime into the show Black Thought started to rap with The Roots crew's bongo drummer highlighted as a dope hype man. He didn't have a mic but he did the job better than I've ever seen live. The show was great and it was undoubtedly worth the $40. I have a few other videos of some dancing + random ish, You Got Me, and Get Busy.

Check back later.

The Roots

Today the plan was to go to The Roots with Aashna. While planning everything out, JJ had got a ticket and was able to come along with us. The show was supposed to start at five, but this was only because there were two opening bands who each got to play for a long period of time. The Roots really started at 8:45, the three of us had decided to go to the mall.

JJ had seen Questlove leave the Bes when he heard girls say "Hey that's the guy from The Roots with the pick!" We had also saw the tuba player j-walking, on the way to Midtown. When we got there, the mall was just closing so we had to leave. When we got outside it had started raining hard with strong gusts of dust. We decided to go home, it was around six o'clock by this time and we had completely missed my sister's birthday which we could have attended. At my house we ate cupcakes, pizza and played Street Fighter 4.

At eight we headed back to the show. It was amazing, other than the stench of marijuana, tall guys in front and people who elbowed Aashna in the face! At the end of the show, JJ got Questlove's autograph and I had shook Black Thought's hand. Aashna and I really have to make going the Jazz Festival an annual routine!

R. Mack

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bike Incident

My first time ever on a motorcycle today. I rode Dallas's CBR and broke off his clutch handle. I panicked while riding and slammed the front brake. Shit that sucked.

I sound real stupid asking about gears and shit. I think the funniest part about the video is that the whole time I know that this is just a bad idea.

Thanks for forgiving me D.

R. Mack

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buying online

On the side link you are able to now purchase our clothing online. The url is There are no products available right now, but we will try and set this up as soon as we can.

R. Mack

Another round of tees ordered.


The Roots Saturday with Aashna.

Enough said.

R. Mack

New Shipment

Just placed an order for more t-shirts today with Ryan. Really excited for this project to come to life, seeing as Ryan and I have been talking about making shirts for years. Hopefully everything goes through this week! Hello Saskatoon tees are only getting better from here on out, so keep your hopes up, and be prepared for our next drop.


For sale

I can't believe I never posted this, but shirts are getting pretty limited already. There are navy and heather grey men's pocket tees and women's v necks. The look book did not work out this time, but hopefully next time. To see one in person you can reach me on twitter (MackHS) or call me I suppose.

R. Mack

Shoe A

The Chukka low

If you read Dallas's post below you will see that the Tre is very durable and has unsatisfying feel. Basically the Chukka low is the exact opposite of that. It has the best feel and I know that many core skaters choose to skate these over others. On the other hand the durability is pretty bad, the vulc sole wears down fast and some Chukka's are made of canvas. The sole is a waffle sole, like most Vans and is pretty grippy. The shoe lasted me less than a month. The shoe is quite breathable and the comfort is there, so don't worry about aching heels.

My parents had purchased them at a Vans outlet in Las Vegas for around thirty dollars American. If you choose to buy a pair of these, I recommend you to size a half size below your true size (if compared to Nike). The Chukka is affordable and I hope to get the black/gum colorway.

The Breakdown
Feel: 10/10
Durability: 5/10
Look: 8/10
Comfortability 7.5/10

Overall: 8/10

R. Mack

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shoe Review: Nike SB Tre

Three summers ago I purchased a pair of Nike SB Tre's on sale from Momentum Marketplace. I did not expect much; I needed a shoe to skate in and these were in my price range. To this day I still skate them. They have have finally started to tear, but I definitely cannot complain, these shoes are as durable as they get. Of course, there is a down side, lack of feeling due to the rubber design, but if I can go 3 years on a pair of $70 shoes I have no regrets. I recommend these shoes for anyone who wants a shoe that won't tear within a few weeks. I know i'm gonna look into getting another pair.


Two Year Anniversary

As of today, my girlfriend Aashna Singhi and I have been dating for two years. I am so thankful and blessed to have a woman like her in my life. It seems like just yesterday I was driving home from Yorkton to go on my first "date" with her (she still claims that it wasn't). But I have been through a lot with her and we have had a lot of memories, I can't wait to make more. It's her last final today and I work all day at Outtabounds, but hopefully tonight will be a fantastic evening. Our plan is to just do a nice dinner and just hang out.

Aashna, you're my best friend. I love you.

R. Mack

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Single Second Shoutout

Thanks for the shoutout Derek and Trevor from Single Second, these two dudes are the bomb. With that Mishka/Flying Coffin inspiration, you know it's good (I personally get that Triumvir3 feel as well). Everyone make sure to check out their product, you can order it online or if you reside in Saskatoon check out Momentum Marketplace.

R. Mack

Biker boy

On Monday June 21, I set off by myself on a 2 1/2 hour journey to Moose Jaw. The reason; to pick myself up a motorbike (Honda CBR 125). Despite a chipped windshield 10 minutes into my journey, I made it there alive. After looking at the bike for around 20 minutes, hands were shaken and I was handed the keys. I'm going to get my license tomorrow, hopefully I pass and hopefully the rain lets up so I can ride with the wind.


Summer Jobs

School out, summer rolling in, and I find myself without a job. Kinda in a rough spot right now. Tomorrow being my first day off, I'm going around town and dropping resumes off left and right. Looking for an outside job, or a job with early hours. I'm such a morning person it's not even funny, so it would only make sense if I picked up those early shifts. Being a pretty big guy and all, I was thinking construction or lumberyard. But anything right now would just Be swell!



Closing up the shop a while back, I remember Dallas, JJ and I practicing this at three in the morning.

R. Mack

BBQ 4 Cancer

The barbeque was a success, I was really glad that all local stores were trying to help us out and Single Second as well ( My grandpa had passed away three years ago from cancer, so to me this was very important. Thanks goes out to everyone who came and made a donation.

R. Mack


If you haven't heard, Dallas and I have begun a regular workout plan. The fieldhouse is where we have been getting our gym on, but everytime we go there we run into a problem. Older men just don't care about their nakedness, today Dallas went to the bathroom to see a naked man using the urinal and then to wash his hands right next to him. Funny, but so disgusting. I promise to never reach that stage in my life...proper etiquette.

R. Mack

Monday, June 21, 2010

Momentum MKT BBQ and Skate

So this year at Momentum, the staff have created a little team. The members are all good and great guys, so tomorrow June 22 we are having a barbeque and skate session. A lot of the staff will be there, burgers are four dollars and burger and Vitamin Water is five dollars. I am planning on taking a rail and a high box, so I would love everyone to join us whether it rains or not. All proceeds will go to cancer, recently our friends father had passed away from cancer. It is sad, but it is very common so everyone do their part to help out!

Mike and I hope to see lots of supporters!

R. Mack


This morning I am preparing myself to pick my university classes for the first time. Didn't get much sleep, waking up at 5:30 just to go through everything again. You could say my morning has been a bit stressful, but I am just hoping everything will work out. Wish me luck!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy father's day wishes go out to all fathers, especially Dean. Not only do I look at this guy as my dad but he is a really good friend. I work all day at the Market so hopefully the family will all be home for supper.

Love you dad!

R. Mack

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shrinking Levi 501!

Today I have nothing to do with the rain and all, so I decided to shrink my jeans. Reading some tutorials online gave me an idea on how to do it. Basically sat in the bath tub for hour and a half. The first hour just letting the jeans soak in hot water, and the extra half hour to let them dry a bit so they won't drip everywhere. To make the time go by a bit faster, i just watched Robin Hood. (Didn't really enjoy it) A good idea is to wear them for the rest of the day, so they form more to your body. If necessary, you may have to go round two and give them another soak. With mine, I will have to shrink them again with the waist still being to big.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello Saskatoon: second delivery

Next month, Mike and I have been going through ideas and doing a lot of research. Next month we plan to begin making another piece. Everyone get ready, this will be good!

R. Mack

Class Scheduling

Last night, Mike and I were trying to create schedules for the upcoming school year. Last year they had given us a structure of how to choose our classes, this year we must develop our own. I have made most of mine but am concerned of whether I have chosen the best combination of classes and whether I have equally divided them among both terms. I've forgotten about how stressful it is!

R. Mack

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank Me Later

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 during lunch Aashna and I went to Future Shop to pick up Drake's new album. At the moment Firework and Fancy (because of the breakdown at the end) are my favorite songs. Everyone buy it to support. I cannot wait for his concert in Calgary.

R. Mack


Tonight Ryan and I are picking some classes for the U of S. With Dallas tagging along, should be a good night, besides the fact of cramming everything into a tiny little schedule. Hopefully everything works out. Just preparing for my commerce life that will be starting in September!


Little skate project

I have four shoes I've been skating lately: Adidas Gazelle, Nike SB Blazer, Vans Chukka and Adidas Campus Vulc. The plan is to give everyone a breakdown of the positives and negatives to skating each. I am excited to both write about the shoes and to skate each one. Don't expect this to happen until the rain leaves Saskatoon.

R. Mack

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What the hell Spain!

Defending Champs

Last night the Lakers played the Celtics in game 6 of the NBA Finals. Now my favorite team has been the Lakers for as long as I can remember, so last night was a good night for me. The Lakers crushed the Celtics 89-67, evening the series at 3-3 and pushing the series to game 7. My main man Kobe Bryant had a good night with 26 points and 11 rebounds. Suprising enough, Andrew Bynum only played 16 minutes with 2 points. With the Lakers up basically all game, Bynum was able to sit the whole fourth quarter resting his knee. The Lakers bench really helped out last night with 25 points combined. This was a very impressive win for Los Angeles and hopefully game 7 goes the same way!


Half Cabs

Finally got convinced that I needed new skate shoes. Wasn't impressed that I needed to purchase new ones(spending money), but very happy I did. Yesterday I bought Royal Blue Half Cabs to skate in. Skating in new shoes can be a pain, and is very frustrating but by the end of the night I was loving them. The Royal Blue color really stands out, and I can't argue with the price. The Half Cab is suppose to be one of the best shoes to skate in, and are very durable. I'm excited to keep shredding them, and hoping that they last a long, long time.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Campus Vulc

I recieved my Campus Vulc's as soon as my shift started. Hopefully if it doesn't rain, I can rip around in them. I'll let all y'all know how they go.

R. Mack

Monday, June 14, 2010

Momentum's "WDYWT"

Recently Dallas and Landon were put on both doing shoutouts to Hello Saskatoon. Thanks boys.

R. Mack

Chukka Lows

The Vans Chukka low has a great look, feel and comfort. The main disadvantage to the shoe is the durability. They have lasted me three weeks, but for thirty dollars you cannot complain at all. If you haven't given Vans a shot yet, do so. Without a world of lie, my flip tricks had improved from the shoe. I would size down a half size if you choose to purchase these.

R. Mack

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Real Skateboards

Picked up my first Real deck a couple of days ago and it's probably the best skateboard I have ever had. Concave is amazing, got lots of pop, and it is very durable. I'm a pretty big boy, so when I say it's durable, you know it's strong. Going from a blank Mini Logo to a pro deck is a complete change for me. Personally, it is truely worth spending a few extra bones to get a pro model. Would definitely recommend Real Skateboards to all.


Mention to South Africa


Today started off well, watching South Africa and Mexico. Although South Africa did not win, it was a good game and I know there will be a lot more good games to come. Mike then came over and we discussed our new Hello Saskatoon project, all I have to say is get ready!

After I had lunch plans with Aashna,I was super excited. When I went to start my car, my battery died. Which was pretty sad because I had to spend money, not only that was disappointing but that I didn't get to do lunch with my darling!

After lunch I went out and sold some shirts with Mike, went to St. John's music for guitar strings and once again tried ordering Busenitz. I was super pissed because there were zero sizes in any colour ways. So instead Tyler Abrahamson and I ordered black and white Adidas Campus Vulcs. After we went skating at Kinsmen and the local church for a flatground session.

Supper at Denny's was so filling, I still feel sick haha. Dallas and I then went for a flatground skate behind Mo, working on flip tricks and consistency.

Ending the night with Tim Horton's with Aashna, today ended up being a good day.

R. Mack

Friday, June 11, 2010

Orthadentist disagreement

Yesterday I had an appointment at Jarotski Dental at 11:10 to pick up another set of retainers. When he began talking to me about soccer he asked me about my choice of who was going to win World Cup. Of course I am going to say Spain, instantly he tells me that Brazil will win it. This guy bet me a pair of retainers, disagreements aside...Jarotski is super dope. If you need braces go and see this dude.

I bet he forgot Torres was on Spain.

R. Mack

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adidas Busenitz

My Chukka lows that my parents had gotten for me in Vegas have been so wild, the feel is unreal. But that being said, the durabiity is not it's finest characteristic. In search of a new shoe I have been looking at the Adidas Busenitz. A shoe modeled after the Copa Mundial cleat (soccer).

The plan was to get on the spring order and get a pair of the black/yellow/gum soled pair. Adidas has cancelled our order.

Being optimistic, I decided that I could special order and was willing to pay for the light maroon color way. After speaking to customer service they had told me no shoes my size were remaining.

Major diss, I need some Busenitz.

R. Mack

Congrats To The Blackhawks!

No other team in the NHL deserved it more then the Blackhawks. With the frustrations of last years playoff run, losing to Detriot Red Wings for the Western Conference Final in 5 games. This year was a totally different story. Last night Patrick Kane sneaked the puck past Michael Leighton in overtime to lift the Blackhawks to a 4-3 overtime win for their first championship since 1961. It ends the longest active championship drought in the NHL.


World Cup

Forget the Lakers, Celtics and Blackhawks. Spain, I got you! Today I looked at the schedule for all of the games, I am going to miss the semi-finals and finals. What a disappointment.

R. Mack

Thanks For Having Me

Hey everyone! My name is Mike Klassen and it's an honor and my privilege to join the Hello Saskatoon team. Born and raised in Winnipeg, but eventually moved to Saskatoon seven years ago. Since the move, I have enjoyed Saskatoon and am currently loving life. Sports is a big part of my life, but amoung all sports, basketball is by far the best sport known to man. I'm happy to share a little about myself and am excited to see where Hello Saskatoon takes me.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On my Bruce Lee kick

Right now Mike and I are watching a ghetto ass Fists of Fury dvd. Aashna lent it to me, Mike and I were speaking of how these actors must be the real deal back in the 70's in China. The dubbing is hilarious, yet very enjoyable.

Bruce Lee looking so boss.

R. Mack

Welcome to the team

Good friends since grade 7, Mike Klassen is going to be with us writing on Hello Saskatoon. First year commerce student, Jetta driving, 5.0 skater. Glad to have him here with us.

R. Mack


End of the month I have to pick new classes, I'm on my gritty.

R. Mack

Friday, June 4, 2010

Deck Review

I've never done one of these before, but basically I will give you my opinion on the deck. I have been riding this Girl Koston size 7.5 for the past three months. I have given up on the fact of boardslides so I will not be able to judge durability well. The tail did no chip at all, but did razor tail and seem to wear down pretty easily. The nose on the other hand was beginning to split a bit. The pop on the deck seemed pretty good for the first two and a half months but the last couple of weeks you could feel that it was time for a new deck. I usually like a board with deep concave but the Girl was pretty mellow, but on top of that I did not notice too much.

I would recommend to people to try a Girl, Chocolate or Skate Mental. But I am unsure if I would buy another one, only for the reason that I think there are more companies that may suit me more.

R. Mack

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tweaked my groin...AHHH


Today I found out I did not receive my Koston x Krooked deck. Instead I got a Krooked brighteyes large. Which is actually 8.06, things for it are looking really good! Concave and pop are pretty good on the Krooked, the sizing may take a little getting used to. I will miss my Koston though, I will continue to recommend Girl to all skaters.

I'll update you with the Krooked!

R. Mack

Wednesday, June 2, 2010