Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a Taste: Bliss Fine Food

Bliss is located on Broadway Avenue. I would describe it as a quiet dining bistro. They really know how to present themselves, lights are dim, a white tulip is at each table, waitresses are kind, impressive canvas paintings are around the room and the food is presented beautifully. The meals begin at $22 and reach up to $30. You can view the menu and pricing here.

Aashna ordered the salmon meal which had a sugar crust, orange soy glaze, lime crème and preserved lemon. She described it as being the best salmon dish she has ever had in the city. I had one piece and it was delicious, that sauce in the picture below made it so tasty. She wasn't lying. I ordered the short rib "Wellington" which is a 12 hour braised boneless short rib in a thin pastry with mushroom duxelle, sweet and sour shallots and green peppercorn sauce. It was really good, the vegetables were all fresh, my first time eating quinoa (side dish) was good and the beef was great. For dessert we ate a London Fog (Earl Grey tea latte) crème brule. It was a unique flavour and the best crème brule that I have ever had.

I recommend this restaurant for a special occasion or date. This place is great for a one on one dinner, it's a very good place to converse. The food looks nice and tastes better. Servers do everything they can to help you enjoy your meal. I have nothing negative to say about Bliss.

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  1. That's exactly what it is, I just remembered the name earlier today. Thank you