Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Village Guitar and Amp Co.

"Our goal is to provide premium gear - guitars, amps, and pedals, to discriminating players and collectors."
- Guitar and Amp Co.

"We're not interested in stock tones here, we want originality."

"We shoot for exceptional service and repair work for the discriminating player."

"Village Guitar also specializes in aging instruments to make them feel, play, and look like a classic."

Village Guitar and Amp Co. is a boutique guitar shop recently established (432 20th St.) by Saskatoon's own Todd Peters and Dan Canfield. Together they wield seasoned experience in Saskatoon's music industry, as well as exceptional service. They strive to provide premium musical equipment (new and used) and insight to serious players and collectors, while also providing repair options and music lessons.

Village Guitar and Amp Co. is a refreshing addition to Saskatoon's music industry. Not only does it present a quality alternative to the hustle bustle and sub-par service of some of the larger music retailers in the city, but it is also a great venue for small shows and local events.

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  1. "...the discriminating player."

    What is a discriminating player? Do you mean discerning?

  2. Countless new guitar players fall into the trap of jumping straight away into learning really difficult songs merely because they were motivated by musicalstudy the belief to play their very own preferred songs.

  3. The real fact is that the volume of sound needs to be enough for the guitarist, and other band members, to hear the sound over other players particularly a drummer.