Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick Ups

A partial reason for going to Calgary was to purchase some goodies for myself and others. I went to Group Seven to grab my brother some tees at their new location, but then began looking at some Stussy gear for myself. I found this Stussy varsity sweater and my cousin bought it for me for a gift, I am very appreciative about it. It's not too thick, perfect for spring or fall. It fits slimmer and goes with a lot of my wardrobe.

 My second purchase was a surprise to me. My cousin took me to a camera stores because I was interested to see if any Canon S95's were in stock. They happened to to have it in stock for a reasonable price, along with their lack of PST. I had to think hard about my budget and whether or not I could actually afford it. I decided I was able to and have been very happy about this purchase considering the fact that I have been looking at it online for the past three months. Expect a lot of pictures on posts with my new toy.
I have one more item that was purchased this weekend, it will get it's own post sometime in the next two weeks. Holt Renfrew has promised me that I will receive the delivery soon.

R. Mack

Just a Taste: Tubby Dog

Just the other night in Calgary my cousin had been dying to take me to try Tubby Dog. It has a 70's diner look almost like Saskatoon's Broadway Cafe. Inside there is loud music playing old school hip hop. It's a very filling mealing, where there are more contents than the hot dog itself. There is a classic meal and a weekly and a monthly special. Here's a look at the menu:
We ordered the Sherm's Ultimate Gripper, A-Bomb, PBJ and Yam fries. The Gripper was mine and it was a complete mess! I was so full but enjoyed the hot dog a lot. I don't advise you to eat this often but it is always nice to treat yourself every now and then.
 Ms. Pacman, Rampage, Super Mario Bros. & Pinball

 Yam fries with sweet Thai sauce
 PBJ with Golden Graham Squares
PBJ & The Gripper

R. Mack


Last Thursday night I left to Calgary to visit family and do some shopping. I was in Calgary for a short period of two full days, I almost missed my flight out forgetting my winter coat. Unfortunately this weekend in Calgary, just like Saskatoon it was cold with flurries.  Like usual my favorite part of the trips was the food, grandparents cooking and dim sum in Chinatown. I like dim sum and Chinese food in Calgary because of the different selection and low prices.
 Chicken feet, fried turnip patties, dumplings, donut wrapped in noodles & steamed dumplings
Chinatown intersection
Westernized Chinese pick up from "Pearl Palace"

For shopping I went to Group Seven, Chinook Mall (recently renovated) The Camera Store and Holt Renfrew. 

I spent the first evening at my oldest cousins place socializing and catching up on the Big Bang Theory. 

The second and third night I stayed at her younger brother's home who is also a fair bit older than myself. We spent one night playing a lot of NBA 2k11, Halo Reach and Resident Evil 5. At his house I drank some great smoothies such as jack fruit and lychee. Like usual we stayed up very late playing games, a personal favorite.

The last night he took me to my grandparents where we watched WWE and ate prime rib. After we went to a local pub for drinks, billiards and foosball. After I tried out Tubby Dog on 17th ave. and went back to his place to  hang out.
This morning was a struggle waking up to leave to come back home. I was worried because with my flight with Air Canada, I was on a small plane where you feel every movement. I did make it home safely though.

R. Mack

Just a Taste: Prairie Ink Restaurant and Bakery

Prairie Ink is located in our own McNally Robinson Bookstore. My girlfriend I went Christmas shopping for a book and she had the idea of having supper at the restaurant. Prairie Ink has that coffee house feeling, the seating and location does not make it feel like a restaurant. The prices of a meal begin at around $11 or $9 for breakfast but come in hand with good service and a good meal.

The menu created some problems for us. It was larger than expected and gave us plenty of options. The salads, sandwiches, wrap/pitas, pizzas and desserts caught my attention. When it came down time to order we chose to share the BBQ Chicken and Swiss sandwich and the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap with caeser salads on the side. I enjoyed the sauce on the sandwich but found the chicken was too dry and my girlfriend also mentioned how she was not pleased and would not order it again. The wrap on the other hand was magnificent. The menu describes it as "A melange of oven roasted roasted peppers, tomato, red onion, zuchinni and mushrooms wrapped together with goat cheese and sun dried tomato pesto in a salsa tortilla." A main reason why I enjoyed it so much was because of the fresh pesto. The caeser salad was one of the best caeser salads I have eaten in a while. It did have quite a bit of dressing but it went well with the slice of lemon and it was an adequate sized serving.
After viewing their website, it shows that they provide live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. Grab a book and enjoy a nice meal, I am planning on doing that the next time.

R. Mack

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Umbro: Team Canada

Umbro recently recently released their new kits for team Canada's football (soccer) team. Like usual I am sure Umbro has made and chosen a nice fit for jerseys but I am still not overly pleased with the look. It's most likely the retro look throwing me off, but how do you feel about the new kit?

R. Mack

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tips for Men

This cologne right here, "L'Homme" by Yves Saint Laurent will help you get women.
...and if they don't like it, I will (no homo).

R. Mack

Monday, January 24, 2011

Momentum Marketplace

Momentum Marketplace is where I spend a lot of time on weekends working on the side of school. Every weekend I meet people who have never knew that the shop existed. I intend on letting the reader know what I think this shop is from my point of view.

Momentum Marketplace is a skateboarding and clothing store. The word that comes to mind often is "different", it has a unique insight on skateboarding. When I first began skateboarding I liked core skateboarding companies and as I got older my taste in brands changed slowly. I became interested in the California skate culture. Companies that didn't sell skate product but still influenced a lot of skateboarders. If you look at companies like The Hundreds or 10 Deep, they are not necessarily skate brands but later evolved into that. I liked this a lot, it's another side of skateboarding. A lot of skateboarders care about portraying an image and Momentum Marketplace is able to help those people do so. I enjoy being involved in a shop that represents different brands, in a way it is me representing myself.

Here are some photos of the inside of the building:

R. Mack

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jordan 3 White/Cement

One of the best Jordan 3 color ways are releasing today. The white leather and cement print represents the Jordan shoes perfectly. Check out JJ's post to see more photos on Momentum's website.
This re-retro classic will release today at 10:00 am at Momentum on 8th Street and Preston. Like most anticipated Jordan's, there will be select and limited sizes. 

Act fast,
R. Mack

Friday, January 21, 2011


We still have plenty of stickers to give away, leave us a comment and we'll hook you up!


Statue of Liberty Dunk

I have really on skated one Nike SB, trying to keep the others as clean as possible. I saw this idea on Nixon watches this year. The Nixon Drab series had a coating that was meant to be chipped away with another colored paint underneath. Nike SB has a similar idea with the Statue of Liberty Dunk. It is a high dunk that is aqua colored and when you wear or skate the shoe, the top layer is removed. Underneath is a copper and silver paint exactly like New York's own.

I like the idea of increased wear making the shoe look better. No one's pair will look identical and will be based accordingly on skate stance and how often you ride with them. I have been impressed with Nike SB's technology and design lately.

R. Mack

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raw Denim test

In high school I bought a pair of WeSC raw denim from Momentum. The key to making any raw denim look good is to wear them often and not to wash them for approximately the first six months. I remember buying them and my parents said to me "That's disgusting Ryan! I am going to wash them." I was threatened for a long time and eventually gave in. But today I came across an article from the University of Alberta where a student tested his bacteria level on a pair of Nudie jeans that had not been washed for 15 months and then re-tested the bacteria levels after washing them.The bacteria was pretty similar to each other proving that raw denim does not get quite as dirty as everyone has thought. This post is mainly for all of the customers who have came into the shop questioning the hygiene issues to be involved with raw denim.

Past few days I have been looking at different fits and brands of raw denim and I am ready to restart my six months. I hope to find a pair in the next week.

Check the link at Edmonton Journal.

R. Mack

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pick Ups

Yesterday was the release of Little Big Planet 2 on Playstation 3. I bought my little sister the first one for her birthday last year and she has been waiting a long time for the sequel to come out. Just like the last one you are able to choose your outfit with clothing and accessories you find in each level. I played through one level and you can tell that there are a lot of new objects in the game while playing including my favorite: the grapple. If you enjoy playing games in group of fours, it is the perfect game. Not too hard to get the hang of, but can get pretty tricky at times.

My go to video game site, IGN has already rated it a 9. I trust their judgement.

R. Mack

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vans Chukka

This is Vans' spring 2011 core Chukka line up. I was very impressed with the pair I skated in summer so I ordered another pair to come in for the beginning of the new skate season. The grey suede Chukka with the gum sole should be in within the next two months. This shoe is completely suede, compared to my last being partially canvas. Hopefully it will last a bit longer than the last pair. Should be a good change from my Blazer SB's and Campus Vulc considering they have a lot better board feel.

R. Mack

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dakota Dunes

This past weekend I had heard a lot of talk about the Dakota Dunes Casino. Most of the talk was about people mentioning how they lost more money than they had intended to. I for one have only been to Dakota Dunes a couple of times, mainly for the experience. While talking to people about the casino, I recently learned about the player's club card. The card is free and is used to give the consumer an incentive to come back. The thing that really caught my attention was the free soft drinks when you visit the casino. Last time I was at the Dakota Dunes Casino I was complaining about being thirsty but was saving my money for gambling and appetizers at Bacchus. Next time I go, I plan on signing up. The card also offers:

  • Earn points, redeem for cash!
  • Free coffee and soft drinks while you play at any of our six casinos
  • Discounts* at preferred hotels, gift shops and restaurants
  • Enter to win daily and major draws
  • Qualify for special giveaways reserved only for Players Club Members
  • Invitation to Members-only events**
  • Newsletters featuring upcoming events, coupons and more!*
It also contains cash back program, but I am sure you have to spend a fair bit to receive money back.

R. Mack

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adidas adiZero

If you don't know us personally then you wouldn't know that we play soccer/futbol/football -- "we" as in Ryan and I (Dallas, occasionally). I recently purchased Adidas' Black/Warning Leather adiZero boots. They arrived in the mail yesterday and this morning I wore them for the first time at the Sasktel Sports Centre.

The weight is astonishing at 6 oz which is even more mind blowing when compared to Nike's Superfly II's 7.8 oz. Plus they're made out of leather, unlike the Superfly's synthetic skin. Some say that cleats don't determine how well you play and things of that nature. I respectfully disagree as these boots honestly feel like you're wearing nothing; barefoot. Therefore: every aspect of my game felt more natural and that has to do with the boot's light-leather construction. You really get a great feel for the ball. Of course with every new "super-lightweight" boot, you feel like you are as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo Thierry Henry, but hey, that's just an additional psyche boost.


My parents always say when lecturing me, "do you want it or need it?" In this case I really want it! For the past four months or so I have been thinking rationally whether or not I would like a camera. Weighing out the pros and cons I decided that I am very interested. I have been looking for something that is a point and shoot, has great quality and is a compact size. A few of my photography friends have let me know that the Canon S95 is the "bang for it's buck", not many cameras at it's price compete with it. I am not becoming a photographer but am interested in shooting photos for hello saskatoon along with personal pictures.
R. Mack

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Koston x Supreme

I have had a pretty eventful day, sitting around the house playing video games and on the Hypebeast forums. Just today on some blogs there has been a teaser released for Koston's shoe release collaboration with New York's Supreme. The model "Koston one" has not been released yet in any color ways. I have always been idolized Eric Koston ever since the Tony Hawk Pro Skater era where he rode for Girl and Es, even back then I was purchasing his pro model boards. By the blurred picture is supposed to have a few similar traits to the Nike SB Bruin, such as the low profile sole. Supreme on the other hand is famously known in the street wear industry making me believe that these sneakers are going to be difficult to come across, especially here in Saskatoon. I for one am excited to see what Nike SB and Supreme produce, being a fan of both.

Get hyped,
R. Mack


If anyone here has a twitter account, follow me at my new account name "SuMingHS".

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or dallas: DallasHS

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am very excited! Tonight I picked up some tickets for Calgary. I have never traveled anywhere by myself except to meet my family for my brother's soccer nationals in Winnipeg. I have a lot of family in Calgary but it will be more independent. The plans will be potential snowboarding, doing some shopping downtown at places like Livestock and Holt Renfrew and spend time with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

It's a lifestyle,
R. Mack

Jordan V Pack

I remember wanting the OG "Grapes" back in high school and wanting to order them for $350 online. Jordan V's were always my favorite model and the colorway was my favorite on both clothes and sneakers. I heard a while back that there is a possibility that there is a pack of Jordan V's containing the "Grapes" and the "Laney" in July this summer. If this is true make sure to camp over night at Momentum, I might even have to do the same.
R. Mack

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well I have been putting this one off for about a month now. One of my favorite Hypebeast threads has inspired me on this one, a collection of sneakers that I started when I was in grade 10. It consists of regular every day shoes to ones that are considered more rare. Enjoy:
 From left to right: Jordan IV Countdown, Jordan V Stealth, Jordan VIII "Aqua", Spiz'ike "True Blue"
From left to right:Vans Half Cab, Vans Zapato Del Barco, Vans Authentic, Vans Chukka Low  
 From left to right: Huf Choice, Huf Choice, The Hundreds Johnson mid, Clarks Desert Boot
 From left to right: Adidas x Ransom "The Summit", Adidas Campus Vulc, Adidas Gazelle
 From left to right: Air Max 1 "Patta", Air Structure Triax '91, Dunk high
From left to right: Dunk high SB "Dino Jr.", Dunk high SB "Mafia", Dunk low SB "Takashi 2", Blazer SB

It's a lifestyle,
R. Mack


This is what we've been waiting for:

R. Mack

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Table Mountain

Over the Christmas break I managed to get to Table twice. The first time we went I spent most of my time riding the trails and then towards the end went to the terrain park to practice on the first two ramps and the box. Then just yesterday a group of us from high school went out again. This time I really wanted to get better from the last time I rode. For a day where most kids are supposed to go back to school it was quite busy. I learned how to slide most of the rails (that curved one is scary) and fs mutes over the small ramps in the second section.

I am glad I got the board, Table has been a lot of fun this year (excluding the men's washroom).

R. Mack