Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Heights | NYE 2014

Come out for The Heights' more official opening. For $20 you will receive champagne and appetizers as well. There will be live music provided by multiple DJs and multiple rooms with different ambiances to party in. I hope to see you guys out!

Tickets are available at Bottega or Momentum on 8th Street.

Yours Truly

Thursday, December 18, 2014

50 Cups of Christmas | 2014

Come celebrate the holidays with the 50 Cups dudes! These guys throw a good party and always play great music! Tickets are available at Momentum and Louis on campus.

Yours Truly

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Billy Ivan | Asking

Billy Ivan, a musical artist and producer from Stanton Island, New York who contacted me to let us know that he was releasing a mixtape in the new year called "The Compilation Tape". Billy himself is a self taught artist who is inspired by hip hop favourites such as Kanye, Pharrell and Jay Z.  Check his new video out below and stay tuned for more.

Yours Truly

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Huang's World | Chengdu

Eddie Huang's Fresh Off the Boat now called Huang's World is what entices me to travel and experience new culture and land. The way it's documented, his honest opinions and the production from Vice is what makes me want to try offering something similar in a smaller city like Saskatoon. Take a peek at the three parts and check out some other cities that he travels as well!

If anyone ever wants me to document my experience in their restaurant or venue, you can reach me at

Yours Truly

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cactus Club Cafe | Opening October 14, 2014

This past Thursday, Aashna and myself were invited to the Cactus Club's soft opening. The atmosphere is really cool, the restaurant feels warm with its lighting, fire and colours. Its well decorated with the abundance of lights, wine display, televisions and Andy Warhol images.

The restaurant is separated into three areas, the dining area, the bar and a sun room. We sat in all three areas to get a feel for what they were like. The dining area is more intimate being quiet and isolated from the other two areas and would make a good place for socializing and grabbing a meal. The sun room and bar you categorize together. A central bar with televisions is the focal point with table arrangements and a DJ around it. Aash and I even caught ourselves dancing with the bartenders to R&B and hip hop favourites. It's awesome for a late night drink and appetizers.

We spent our couple of hours at the Cactus Club drinking their Liberty School Cabernets and Jameson whiskey along with their tasty appetizers. The service was fantastic, drinks were never empty, food was brought to us in a timely fashion and everyone was happy (that was most important). The laid back environment was what I liked, people were friendly, polite and energetic. If the Cactus Club can continue to offer this environment along with good food and beverages, it will no doubt be a success in Saskatoon. We ate Szechuan chicken lettuce wraps, spicy chicken, kobe style meatballs, beef carpaccio, the BBQ duck clubhouse and a peanut butter chocolate dessert. I highly recommend the BBQ duck clubhouse (if you don't have nut allergies) and the tuna sushi cone was very good for an American styled cuisine.

 I would like to thank Cactus Club Cafe for a great first experience and you can definitely plan on having us back. The restaurant opens tomorrow, check it out and let us know what you think!

Cactus Club Cafe on UrbanspoonYours Truly

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fionn MacCool | News Press

Saskatoon, SK – October 6, 2014 – Popular Canadian pub Fionn MacCool’s has named Saskatoon as its first Draft Pick in Saskatchewan, opening its inaugural pub in Saskatchewan this week on 2nd Ave. South in Saskatoon. Priding itself on being far more than your typical pub, Fionn MacCool’s Saskatoon offers live entertainment, an extensive beer line-up, innovative pour-your-own draft tables, party starters and made-in-house food. Fionn MacCool’s belongs to Prime Pubs family of revered Canadian pubs that includes the illustrious Fionn MacCool’s on Toronto’s historic Esplanade, party-central Fionn MacCool’s in downtown Calgary and Ottawa’s legendary watering hole Darcy McGee’s on Parliament Hill.

 Fionn MacCool’s is an institution in Canada, renown for fun across the country, and we’re thrilled to bring the first one to Saskatchewan,” says co-franchisee Clive Atkins. “Whether Guests want to enjoy a quiet dinner for two, a rowdy night of partying with friends or sit back and listen to an impressive lineup of live, local musicians Fionn MacCool’s Saskatoon is the place to have a good time.

Fionn MacCool’s Saskatoon is the third pub in the family to offer the ultimate beer experience, pulling your own pints. The pub features a selection of draft tables that were custom made in Ireland. Each table has two taps that Guests can activate using a special button provided to them by their server. Guests simply look at the screen beside the tap to see how much beer they have pulled. First time pullers need not stress, Fionn MacCool’s friendly, knowledgeable servers will guide them through the process. Guests who prefer to leave the pouring up to the experts can simply get comfortable at the bar and order up a pint.

Fionn MacCool’s has amped the wattage on the pub experience. Combining our warm, fun pubs with Pour Your Own Pints and party programming has taken the pub experience to new heights which is driving our popularity and growth across Canada, said Grant Cobb, SVP for Cara Operations Ltd. “We’re excited to see our first pub open in Saskatoon and we have plans to open additional locations across Saskatchewan in coming years.”

Complementing the exceptional beer choices, and live entertainment, Fionn MacCool’s Saskatoon gets the party started with daily party programs such as Keith’s Wednesdays where Guests can enjoy a 25oz Keith’s tankard for $7.00, Craft Addict Thursdays, where Guests can enjoy live music and any craft beer for $5.50 and Two-Fisted Fridays where Guests can enjoy any two drafts for $11 during Happy Hour.

As food is important to having a great time Fionn MacCool’s delicious made-in-house menu features a variety of traditional favourites made with fresh, quality ingredients including Lamb Pie, Rosslare Lamb Shank and Maple Cider Salmon as well as a selection of contemporary dishes such as Shrimp & Cod Curry Pot and Chicken Tikka Masala Boxty. The beverage menu is equally diverse and includes more than 29 types of beer on tap and in bottle, a wide selection of new and old school cocktails, whiskies and wine.

 Fionn MacCool’s Saskatoon is located at 355-2nd Avenue South.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Sirvis for LRG

Being on Instagram can give us photo envy or can inspire us. Depending on who we follow, we may see fit individuals, crazy artwork or videos of professional athletes. I've been following VisionElie for a while now and he has given me the idea to photograph people holding or playing with smoke bombs. After shooting, I think they're fun to photograph, instantly making your photo colourful and being the main attraction. I wanted to use the sun, bridge and water to give off a warm feeling (it was cold in fact) and use the dark field to give off an eerie feeling.

I've gotten to know Sirvis from working at the shop (Momentum) and the dude has been grinding with his artwork and music. He's been working so hard that he has gained the attention of LRG, so I instantly thought of him being the perfect model for this smoke bomb experiment that I have been playing with in my head. The mixture of LRG's classic streetwear graphics and fits combined with the gas mask, allowed me to capture exactly what I had envisioned.

Yours Truly

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Just a Taste: Izumi Restaurant

Izumi sits in a residential area within a strip mall on Arlington Avenue. From my understanding they recently had an ownership change and now serve Japanese and Korean dishes. We went for sushi strictly, but my goodness did the other dishes smell and look delicious. They serve sashimi, maki rolls, tempura, teppanyaki, fried chicken, bento boxes and more.  The restaurant was clean, spacious and the servers were friendly and patient with our order taking.

We ordered salmon nigiri, inari and an assortment of maki rolls. All of the food was presented nicely and very fresh! My one complaint would be eating the large rolls, but you definitely get your money's worth at Izumi and I'm down with that. My favourite roll would have to be the specialty dragon roll which is avocado, crab and cucumber with BBQ eel on top.

All you can eat sushi is a gateway to the sushi world, but once you try other Saskatoon joints I promise you that you will be impressed. I'll definitely be back.

Izumi Japanese & Korean Restaurant on UrbanspoonYours Truly