Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jeremy Lin: Lin-sanity

Jeremy Lin must be the most entertaining and exciting story-line in the NBA this season. This is an Asian American kid that graduated Harvard (yes, THAT Harvard) and decided to test his luck in the NBA. Jeremy received zero athletic scholarships from Colleges and went undrafted when he entered the NBA in 2010 - talk about being an underdog!

After some time in the D-League and short stints with the Warriors and Rockets, he's playing on the storied New York Knicks this season. Now this is where it gets interesting:

Last Friday, Lin put up 25 points with 7 assists in his first game with big minutes. One big game is no biggie right? Well next game, his first NBA start, he tops his previous performance with 28 points and 8 assists. This brings us to tonight, Knicks vs. Wizards.

Lin went up against John Wall, #1 pick in the 2010 draft and runner up in the Rookie of the Year voting. No chance right? Wrong. 23 points and 10 assists to go along with the W.

Jeremy Lin has been doing some big things lately (been blowing up on Twitter this past week), a real-life Cinderella story. He reminds me of Tim Tebow of the NFL. Let's see if he can live up to all the hype! I know I'll be rooting for him!

Stay classy Saskatoon,
Jason Tran


  1. Tebow has some of the worst stats in the NFL. As a young up and comer in the NBA who is actually playing well (putting up good numbers), I would hate to be compared to Tim Tebow.

  2. The comparison is in regards to the hype and excitement that he has been building up. Not play style or skill level! Should have mentioned that.

  3. I've been to a Miami heats game, I so wanna go see Jeremy Lin play for the Knicks.