Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a Taste: Souleio Foods

This was my first time eating at Souleio foods, Aashna has been speaking very highly of it the past week. She has every right too, this place was awesome. It is a fresh deli with a miniature market within it selling organic products such as wines, cheese, vegetables, meats and other neat items. I have heard that it was very similar to a Calories or Christies Bakery.

I ordered a Pork Belly sandwich, it was a braised and fried pork belly with a homemade spicy sauerkraut and honey mustard. Aashna went with a Turkey sandwich which contained herbed turkey, habanero, cranberry mayo and lettuce. I can't get specific on the Turkey sandwich, but she seemed to enjoy it. My dish was very good, the cole slaw had a sweet poppy seed dressing and the sandwich was delicious. I love spices and the sauerkraut and honey mustard did the trick. If you don't like fatty meats, this may not be the best choice for you. The cinnamon bun with cream cheese was a great way of ending the meal as well. It was quite large and the icing was fabulous (do people still say that?).

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