Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nike Soccer | Hypervenom

After about a decade, Nike's Total 90 series is being replaced. Poster boy Neymar and other Nike stars such as Rooney, Gomez, Lewandowski and Ibrahimovic will be wearing these. At 7.2 oz Nikeskin boot makes a new market for consumers. Focusing on a player's agility, we see conical studs and Nike free technology. Originally I found these similar to a Mercurial Vapor, but the material and studs make it much more different. I don't know if I could see myself in something this flashy these days but the technology and marketing campaign have been impressive.

If you still enjoy the Laser, I advise you grab a pair now. If not, these will be in local retailers soon.

Yours Truly

Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a Taste: Lebanese Kitchen

Lebanese Kitchen can be found on Emerson St. and 8th Street by the A&W.

Lebanese Kitchen is a hidden gem. Before recommendation's being given to me, I had no idea that this restaurant even existed. It's a small little restaurant with about four tables and old decor. Looking at the restaurant, you would never expect the food to be as good as it is. One guy was working along during the lunch that I had gone for take-out. He was very easy-going and efficient, I was happy with the service that we received.

I honestly didn't observe the menu as much as I should have but they serve popular Middle Eastern dishes. I did notice that they sold shawarmas, falafels and other platters.

We ordered a beef shawarma and a couple of falafels. It was tightly packed and mixed with vegetables really well. They contained their respected filling (beef for the shawarama's instance), onions, lettuce and tomatoes. I was surprised of how mess-free it was. Inside was a tzatziki-like sauce, it was dilly and tangy giving the wrap a good zing. The falafel was even better in my opinion, I will definitely have to order it next time.

After eating here, I am destined to find my favourite shawarama/falafel joint in the city. Lebanese Kitchen definitely set the bar high for me. The good service and good food under a humble building made a long lasting impression on me. I'll be back!

Lebanese Kitchen on UrbanspoonYours Truly

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Top of the Hops 2013

This past Thursday, my friend and I hit up Top of the Hops for the first time. It's simple, you just pay for admission and then you can buy as many tickets for food and drinks as your heart (or stomach) desires. Each ticket was $0.50 and drinks were anywhere from two to six tickets. These drinks could be stingy or generous, it all depends on which booth you went to.

The crowd was filled with a variety of ages and personalities. Some people, were there to pre-drink for parties while others were genuinely interested in trying new/different products like myself. I was able to try many different beers and wines that I would not have otherwise thought of trying for a small price. Some beers are new to Saskatchewan or some cannot even be attained in the country. I ran into friends too, where we were able to make recommendations to one another. It's quite the social event, I plan on going again next year!

Yours Truly

Friday, May 24, 2013

Movies: Oblivion

That new Tom Cruise joint. Sure people think he's a tad silly in real life, but you have to admit, the guy puts out good movies. Oblivion was no different.

Oblivion is a post-apocalyptic film that takes place in 2077 after earth had been left in ruins thanks to a war against the alien Scavengers or 'Scavs'. Although humanity won, earth was left heavily scarred by the use of nuclear warfare against the Scavs. With the earth so polluted with radiation, humanity, or what was left of it, abandoned earth to colonize on Titan, one of Saturn's moons.

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), one of the last drone technicians on earth, discovers a crashed spacecraft which ultimately makes him question what is he actually doing on earth and what actually happened during the war.

I went into this movie not knowing a whole bunch aside from the fact that it looked pretty in the trailers. Damn did it ever look fine on the big screen, but it was no mistake. Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron: Legacy just so happened to be the director of Oblivion.

I just want to say that I am so happy that this movie wasn't in 3D. Like most movies, it doesn't have to be. I would have to say that this movie was the most visually appealing movie I've seen this year, especially for creating a post-apocalyptic world.

There were a lot of nature and wide shots in this film, which would seem kind of risky, but it did a bang up job of convincing me for two hours that this is the world around me.

Audio? Even better than the visuals. Up until the credits, I didn't know M83 scored much of the soundtrack. Best way I can describe the soundtrack is, it was a mixture between Inception, Tron: Legacy and Mass Effect. Like a sci-fi Hans Zimmer.

Plot? At first it was a tad confusing and sometimes predictable but what didn't make sense was very nicely tied together at the end of the film.

Should you go see it? Hey (wo)man, if you liked Tron: Legacy, you should give this film a chance, even if the plot sounded kind of hokey, at least go for the eye candy. It's a handsome looking movie. If you do decide to watch it, just turn off your head and leave the questions for after the movie. It's science fiction, you just gotta flick the brain off sometimes y'know?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Air Jordan 1 | Black Toe

This sneaker will bring back memories for athletes and sneakerheads alike. This Saturday, the "Black Toe" Jordan 1 will be for sale at select retailers. This model hasn't been seen since the "Old Love/New Love" pack which offered a mid-top version of this sneaker. Sitting around $140 makes it a much better price than the $2,500 1985 version!

Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Jams: Rudimental - Baby (feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett)

So smooth.

Top of the Hops "Grapes and Grains" 2013

It's about that time when Summer events start giving us folks new things to do in the city. Once again, the Top of the Hops tour is coming through Saskatoon. On May 23, 24 and 25, the event will take place at Prairieland Park. For $25 you can get a general entry ticket to enter the event, from there you may purchase tickets to taste some of the products. You can dedicate your tickets to beers, wines, spirits and even food. The only rules are that you are prohibited to wear hats and you must be 19+.

Buy tickets here.

Yours Truly

Thursday, May 16, 2013

South Africa World Cup 2010 (Highlights)

One more day until the tournament begins. Here are some highlights from the South Africa World Cup to keep you entertained for a while. Crazy enough, some people at this tournament share the same passion and commitment that the professionals themselves display.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saskatoon World Cup 2013

This weekend is the annual Saskatoon World Cup tournament. For the past couple of years this tournament has been held on May long weekend. This year there will be 28 men's teams, four women's teams and eight youth teams competing. Like last year, each team is allowed to have players from their represented nationality and three imports (other ethnicities). I will once again be representing team China.

It is quite competitive and a bunch of fun for both players and fans. You can grab a weekend pass to support your favourite team or come just to experience the love of the sport with Saskatoon's soccer community. I encourage you to come watch games, have some drinks and party/socialize with us!

Yours Truly

Monday, May 13, 2013

Just a Taste: EE Burritos

EE Burritos is located on 102 Avenue P and 22nd Street.

There are two sections to the space, a restaurant and a little grocery store. The restaurant has a bar, stereo equipment, televisions and a lot of space for seating and dancing. Every Friday they have latin dancing from 9:30-10:30 that you can take part in, followed by a DJ to 2:30 am. This space also allows them to have live entertainment and music. The decor is quite plain with latin art and photography that can also be purchased.

EE Burritos offers an assortment of Latin food from quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, pupusas and more.

We went with the shrimp burrito. The shrimp burrito comes in a flour tortilla with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and salsa. It was delicious offering a fresh taste and a lot of colour. This came with two sides of your choice. I went with the seasoned rice and vegetables and nacho chips with fresh tomatoes and sour cream. On top of that service was great, our server was helpful with menu items and patient with our decision making process.

This place is delicious, they will can definitely expect a return from me. There are so many items on the meal that sound appealing and I plan on trying some new things. If you watch "You Gotta Eat Here", John and his crew had a lot of good things to say about the restaurant as well.

EE Burritos on UrbanspoonYours Truly 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Jams: Giraffage - Music Sounds Better With You

Grab your S.O. because this is a love song.

A little rework of the original song by Stardust, Giraffage gives this that love touch.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nike SB | Dunk Low Pro "Concord"

 Canada has been blessed with the Dunk Low “Concord”. Like the “Space Jam” Dunk, it is also based off of the iconic Air Jordan XI. The upper is a black patent leather, white mesh paneling and a white patent Swoosh all sitting on an icy purple sole. These will be available at 10 am on Saturday, May 11 at Momentum Marketplace. Please don’t start a riot!

Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Daniela Andrade | Stay (COVER)

I can't stop playing this, I currently have this on repeat. For those of you who like Rihanna, I imagine that you will like this cover. For those of you who don't like Rihanna's version, Daniela creates this different with her softer voice, an acoustic guitar and the tempo of the music.

Yours Truly

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Legends League | Everyone is Ugly

The Legends League is a clothing company based out of Toronto. It is ran by Bryan Espiritu, an experienced designer and artist. His latest collection "Everyone is Ugly" was sold to ten stores across Canada and his web shop. He released tees, tanks, caps and accessories. I personally think his graphics are clever and funny and are to be looked at in a different light. Some shirts may have vulgar references but his idea, description and meaning allow the shirt to have another meaning to what the shirt actually says.
Buy and read descriptions of the items here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TRYSA for Jordan | Grapes

To create a bit more buzz around the Jordan V release this weekend, the french artist and graphic designer illustrates a famous quote from Michael Jordan. It's pretty neat, I personally wish I could draw a nice cement print with my own hands.

TYRSA for JORDAN from Axel & Julien on Vimeo.

Yours Truly