Monday, June 11, 2012

Reigning Champ Fall/Winter 2012

I am very excited to see Reigning Champ's line in person. It was released to the Internet a few days ago. If you are a current fan of the clothing line, you will know that they work to perfect fleece products and are made up here in the North. This time around they do their standard sweaters and sweatpants but we also get to see new jackets, shorts and a scarf. It is hard to tell what many of the pieces are made of, but we at least to get to see the styles. I am thinking that there might even be some Tiger Fleece and Polartec in the line. It seems like they plan on fooling around with neutral colours a lot this Fall and Winter; many of the photos are black, charcoal, heather grey and navy. I personally love almost all of the pieces, but I really like the Alpine Heather Parka (the top photo).

Love the North

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