Sunday, June 10, 2012

Durr Movies: Prometheus

Damn, this year is doing good in terms of movies. Every movie I've seen so far, I'd definitely recommend. Prometheus is just another on that list. Maybe even more so. Please keep in mind that 70% of the stuff I say in this review will sound hella corny/cliché.

Prometheus is about a team of scientists that traverse the deep void of space to find the beginnings of human kind after discovering a similar star map among several ancient civilizations separated by centuries that in no way shape or form had any contact with one another. As they reach their destination, they slowly discover that it is not all cracked up to be.

Avatar was great in getting the foot in the door in terms of 3D effects, but Prometheus definitely developed on that. As opposed to simply using 3D to make people and the landscapes pop out, Prometheus utilized it further in ways that were truly unique. I hate 3D movies, but the integration of the 3D in Prometheus felt natural without pushing too much on you. Maybe I'm just getting used to these movies or something.

I was so wrapped up in this movie when I was watching it, it felt like I was watching a live feed of humans actually discovering new life in a far away system. It was like a connection between the characters in the movie and the audience in which everybody honestly had no idea what to expect. Each new thing that was uncovered for the team of the Prometheus, was all new to the audience as well. What they knew was all we knew and so on.

One thing I didn't quite enjoy about the movie though was it felt like there was no character development. Ironically enough, the only character to actually develop was Michael Fassbender's character, David, who was an android assigned to the ship to serve as, more or less, a butler for the team. But maybe that was the point of the movie? Some sort of gold lining? I'll never know.

That being said, Michael Fassbender definitely stole the show in this movie. I'm not just saying that because I have a man-crush on the man, I am saying that because he honestly did do an excellent job. Any actor can act as a human, but it takes a lot for an actor to act like a convincing android, as bizarre as that may sound.

I read in various interviews revolving around Fassbender saying that his portrayal of David was heavily based upon Peter O'Toole in the 1962 classic film Lawrence of Arabia. Even in the movie they note this where you would see David walking around quoting lines from Lawrence of Arabia, even showing David watching the film while fixing his hair to mimic Peter O'Toole's.

Something rather subtle I noticed was that even though David was an android, his mannerisms were highly childish in which he would always act before thinking things through. While the entire crew of the Prometheus was in statis, David remained awake for the two years that the ship was travelling through space.

Between watching lessons through videos or keeping busy by playing recreational sports (at the same time), David only watched one movie, Lawrence of Arabia. Once again like child behaviour, he could have watched any other movie, but he always chose to watch Lawrence of Arabia, simply because he liked it.

It just makes you think how much thought can go into one character for a two hour movie.

Should you go see it? You'd be silly not to. You don't have to watch Alien to appreciate this movie, but it certainly adds to it. If you don't wanna watch Alien, just go watch it for its great sci-fi story and stunning visual effects.

Case and Point
Prometheus is: 21st Century technology and Ridley Scott's love child.

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