Friday, June 8, 2012

Nike Air Yeezy 2

Tomorrow is the release of Kanye's second signature Nike sneaker and in my opinion it tops off the last model. Two colours will be sold tomorrow. Unfortunately no one in Saskatoon will be receiving them and only six stores in Canada will be stocking limited amounts. That makes me kind of sad considering I would really like to have a pair. If you plan on trying to cop a pair or two, I can try to help by giving you a list of the shops across the world who have announced selling the Yeezy 2. Best of luck my friends!

Love the North


  1. Why do you feel this model is better than it's older brother?

  2. I like the colour ways, the little details and definitely how the Yeezy 2's silhouette looks less bulky.

  3. Really quality shoes thank you so much.

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