Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just a Taste: Venice House

Venice House is located on Central Avenue connected to Dino's.

The interior looks similar to many other local family restaurants, don't judge it by the appearance though. It is a place for all ages and service whenever I go for lunch is great. Food is also prepared quickly to keep you from waiting.

There is a large menu containing breakfast, lunch and supper meals. There are a lot of sandwiches, burgers and pizzas for example.

I went for lunch and ordered the "Luncheon Chicken Fingers". It consisted of three chicken fingers, fries, salad and garlic toast for under $9. This meal is simple, but I did enjoy it. They always give you large portions, it's definitely a bang for your buck! I have to mention though that their pizza is generally on point too. If you care to get delivery and are bored of your regular pizza joint, give Venice House a chance.

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