Saturday, June 23, 2012

DC Teak

I recently won a pair of these from Momentum in a Battle of the Berrics contest. We all made predictions of who would advance from each round and received points for doing so. Because my picks managed to get me in second place, I got a pair of these DC Teak's.

I skated in them one for one night, and was very impressed with the comfort and style. Most shoes don't fit me fresh out of the box but these sure did. I like the camel coloured suede because it goes well with the moccasin style toe box and leather laces. For me that vulcanized sole or vulc-like sole is a must too. I haven't bought a pair of DC's for almost seven years too but I notice that they still use their classic tread pattern for grip. I can still pop decent ollies, land kick flips and be comfortable at the same time so I am quite happy with this model.

Love the North

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