Saturday, June 9, 2012

306 Battlegrounds

The 306 Battlegrounds is an event held locally in Saskatoon, pitting emcees against each other in a classic rap battle.

The current tournament features 32 emcees all fighting for a chance at the $1500 grand prize. The battles are entertaining as they show off each individual emcee's creativity and delivery. Some emcees spit intelligent disses, others are jokesters, and some are just aggressive and ruthless. Find yourself a favorite emcee and see how they do in the tourney. You may even find that you know some of the competitors personally.

You can either subscribe to the 306 Battleground channel on YouTube or do a quick Facebook search for "306 Battlegrounds" to find out about the next event's time/place. As of June 9th, the tournament is down to the top 8.

Here are two of my favorite battles from the preliminary rounds: