Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Raw Denim Bath (1)

I finally got around to doing my first wash for my Naked & Famous jeans. I have been wearing them for about a year and three months. I finally felt like I should be more sanitary and remove the odour that was trapped in the fabric. I took photos for before and after. Let me begin by showing you photos of the denim before the wash.


The Process
I filled a tub of freezing cold water and added a small amount of detergent. I then tossed my pair of jeans inside of the tub and removed the stains and marks by hand. I did this by playing around (scrubbing, splishing and splashing) with them. I then let them sit in the tub for about an hour.

After I rinsed them off with cold water to make sure that there was no soap remaining. The water left over was a dark blue. Finally I hung up my denim on a pant hanger and they took about 20 hours to dry without a fan.


Originally I was quite worried that they would fade a lot, thankfully they didn't. As you can see, the photos from before and after look almost identical. Although I have noticed that the jeans look more blue than before. They have also become very stiff again. I did have a chance to wear them for a full day and even get a bike ride out of them, it won't take long until they are as comfortable as before. Another thing that I am happy with is that the honeycombs (those marks behind the knees) and all other previous creasing are wearing the exact same way as the first time too. Overall, I am extremely happy with the wash. I am thinking that the next rinse/wash will be sometime next Spring.

If anyone has any denim questions feel free to ask me or our denim enthusiast Evan.

Love the North 


  1. I wish I could wear my jeans more :(

    Dress pants all day every day.

  2. That's too bad, it's nice to see the progression and wear. Too bad I think my crotch is about to blow out in three spots.