Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saskatchewan Jazz Fest: Feist

This past Saturday I had the greatest honour to see Feist perform live in concert for the second time. The first time I had seen her in Regina, being dead set in the center this time around, it was so much sweeter.

Feist has this certain charm about her in which she looks like a doll on stage, but she goes hard when the time calls, like some sort musical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. She's truly a lady who loves her job.

Feist is accompanied by several new live band members for her Metals tour. The most notable being the back-up singers, these ladies are actually a band themselves: Mountain Man.

As Feist was going along, these ladies were almost like 21st Century doo-wop revival singers. And by that I mean they were dancing the entire time as they were singing. It was a nice little addition to the live show.

The majority of the show were songs from Feist's new album, Metals. I won't lie to you, I wasn't a huge fan of Metals, but seeing it performed live did the album a great justice.

But on top of all that were some of her other songs from previous albums such as Let It Die or The Reminder. Most of these songs were re-done live which made them sound like new songs. I'm guessing they were done this way so that they matched the mood of her Metals album, which is a bit darker.

But when she played some of her old songs, in their original format, the crowd ate it all up. Such classics as My Moon, My Man or Sea Lion Woman.

(This video belongs to shuabert via YouTube)

If a live show isn't interesting, then you may as well stay home and listen to the albums. Leslie Feist knows that, and sweet baby does she put on a good show.

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