Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Nike CTR360 Maestri II

This target market for this boot are the play makers, it doesn't matter if they're strikers, midfielders, defenders or even a keeper. The CTR360 is part of Nike's Control series. That first touch has to be perfect. These boots have pass and receive pods that were designed based on a golf putter. To get a better idea of what type of player would wear these, take a look at Andres Iniesta.

You are going to want to go for your true size for a snug fit or half size up for a bit of room. These are not meant to stretch. They were a uncomfortable in the toe box, the top of my toes have been rubbing on the material. I believe my situation was unique, because friends of mine did not have that issue.

Breaking In
I struggled breaking them in, in comparison to my Legend IV's. I generally have problems with the arches of my feet but the insole and shape did not create any difficulties for me. Like I said previously, the toe box was tight. I stuffed both shoes with socks to create more room in the toe box and instep area. They are feeling better already. The Kanga-lite material has been softening up where I need them to as well!

I purchased mine on sale for about $150 but they are retailed at $250 CAD.

Firstly, I love the colour way and design! In time, the Kanga-lite becomes very soft. The material is also water proof, so it looks like this will be my boot of choice for wet conditions. I also really like that there is suede in the heel to keep you locked into the boot as well as a grippy insole. The stud set-up is superior for the turf fields in the city, it is quite easy to maneuver in different directions quickly. I appreciate the slightest details to footwear, this would include the short and thin tongue with perforations to make it more breathable.

Like I said earlier, the break-in period did not go so well for me. The only other negative to the design is that this boot weighs at 10.8 oz.

I have a lot of life left in these boots yet and can't make the decision of whether they are worth it or not quite yet. But I can see them only getting better from here. I have high hopes for these still, everyone I know has had great experiences with them. The Kanga-lite was amazing in the first CTR360, so hopefully mine will get to that point. I will say that they provide good ball feel and touch and are good for passing and shooting, but are heavier for a modern boot. If you are that two touch playmaker, these might be the right tool for you.

I plan on doing a follow-up review in the future. For now, these are my training boots. Let me know about your experience with the CTR360 Maestri II.

Love the North

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