Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a Taste: Earthbound Bakery

Earthbound Bakery is on 8th Street beside Mano's.

This place is connected to Dad's, an organic grocery store. On top of that you can watch the staff bake. I automatically think of healthy when I am in there. They offer you just a taste of their daily breads and bakings. There is very little seating though. It is the type of restaurant/bakery where you either grab food to go or eat there with one person or alone.

The menu is small, but that doesn't mean that there aren't many good choices. With the two soups and five sandwiches they offered, I still had problems deciding what I wanted to order. Each day they have different sandwiches, soups and baking choices.

I ordered the Hungarian salami sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and pickled banana peppers on a hemp and sesame bread. Oh my was it delicious! It was quite filling, the sandwich was full of fresh ingredients and the bread was tasty to say the least (Asif recommended it to me). I also had a bite of Aashna's smoked ham and aged cheddar sandwich on a multi grain bread and that was also very good!

I would definitely go again. For health conscious people, it would be a good option. Personally, I wouldn't go if I was starving, but it definitely satisfies your appetite more than you think it will.

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  1. Clubhouses or sandwiches just like what you got here are more delicious if you toast them in the oven and melt some cheese on it, it adds flavor and tastiness. Just make sure you don't over cooked it or else you will force to eat charcoal snack, that's why it's important to check up everything first before and after cooking or baking using an oven.

  2. This one looks yummy and healthy at the same time. I'll definitely try doing it out in my our kitchen just to make everything in better use you know.