Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just a Taste: The Wok

The Wok is located on 8th St. beside the New Ki Sum Bakery by JYSK.

We went for lunch and it was very busy! Make sure to get there at 12 pm on the dot because it is definitely a hot spot for people on their lunch breaks. They are well staffed and everyone is friendly.

I didn't really take a good look at the menu. I looked at the appetizers and vermicelli section quickly and made my choice from there. They are priced at $6.75. But from what I remember, it is all Vietnamese and Chinese food. There are rice dishes, soups, appetizers, different sorts of noodles and a beverage menu.

Like usual, we ordered the summer/salad/cold rolls and I had the charbroiled park and two spring rolls on vermicelli noodles. The salad roll filling was very good, but the wrap was very chewy. The peanut sauce complimented it nicely though. The spring rolls were almost the opposite. I really liked the crunch, but the pork filling wasn't on point that day. The vermicelli here was good, but the portion was small in comparison to the previous restaurants I had gone to. In their defence, their meals are more affordable! Sorry for the photo of the vermicelli too, it doesn't do it justice. It was uneaten but it was mixed up already.

I would recommend The Wok to everyone for a good place to grab lunch. The service is good and the meals are fresh. It also is a convenient location for people working on 8th St. or that go to the University.

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