Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just a Taste: New Ki Sum Cafe

I did a post on this restaurant in the past, but photos are deleted and I thought I would give it another shot. If you are from Calgary, this place is very similar to Calgary Court.

It is right in between The Wok and JYSK on 8th St.

The restaurant is quite small. It is a long and narrow place. As soon as you walk in, you seat yourself where ever you would like. One woman works the till, takes orders and cleans up on her own. She is very kind and friendly.

I spend so much time reading the menu every time. The menu is gigantic and everything sounds delicious. There are so many options! You can order Asian specialty beverages like horlick, red bean drinks and bubble tea. They also have the bakery where you can buy BBQ pork buns, coconut buns and more. There are hot pots (need to be ordered 30 minutes in advance) and many different noodle and rice dishes. The menu has dishes that you can share with your family and friends or meals that you can eat by yourself.

All portions are pretty large. This was the first time in a long time where I never finished my meal (left overs still taste good). I started with the deep fried salt and pepper squid and my main course was shrimp and chicken with cream and tomato sauce on fried rice. The squid was delicious, the batter was light and had a nice spice to it. My brother and father were also quite happy that there were no tentacles. The fried rice dish was half chicken in a tomato sauce and the other half was shrimp in a cream sauce. It was like eating two dishes at the same time. Both were good, but I favoured the chicken in tomato. Rice dishes are my favourite here, they are always large, delicious, homely and a bang for your buck. Many of the dishes are something I feel my grandparents would make me. Orders come on regular plates with regular utensils, nothing fancy here.


This restaurant is very unique from every where else in the city. If you want to pretend that you live in a Chinese home, try dining here. The service is great and the food is better, I know Johnny can agree with me on that. Next time I come, I plan on trying the juk/congee (rice soup). If you are from Calgary, this place is very similar to Calgary Court.


  1. have they relocated and if so where have they relocated to???

    1. Hi Rachel, it no longer exists!

    2. Is there anywhere else in Saskatoon that makes those delicious buns?!??!?.???

    3. In the city, I would probably recommend a dim sum spot! Yip Hong's baked or steamed BBQ pork buns might have to be your substitute!