Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just A Taste: The Factory Tap

The Factory Tap has become a favourite spot for myself and friends lately.  Formerly known as the Rhino Room, the Factory Tap is a little known gem hidden deep within Earl's massive building.  To get there, take a left into Bacchus, go all the way through the washrooms and you will find the door to what seems like a members only pub.

Environment:  As I mentioned before, you feel like you're in a fairly exclusive pub when you enter through a secret passageway.  There are about five tall tables and quite a few chairs lining the copper-topped bar.  An ideal group size for the Factory Tap would probably be about 4 or 5.  Large copper vats for the five locally brewed beers add a really cool look to the pub.

Menu and Food:  The menu at the Factory Tap is quite small but the selections are excellent.  The pulled pork sandwich is probably my favourite food item there and it is exclusive to this part of Earls!  The pretzel bun and cole slaw really add great texture to the bold flavours of the barbecued pork.  Other menu fav's include the dry ribs (seen above) and the chicken wings which are always 50% off the regular restaurant price.  The five beers they offer on tap all have a distinct flavour and there will be one to appeal to anybody's taste.  My personal favourite is the Berry Dark beer which has a slight hint of Saskatoon berries.

The Factory Tap is a great place to hang out and eat in a more relaxed and quiet environment while being able to taste some of the best local beers Saskatoon has to offer (and at $2.50 a glass, you can't go wrong with having a couple!).

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