Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a Taste: Summer Roll

Summer Roll is located on 234 Primrose Drive in the North end of the city.

It was nice to eat in a modern Vietnamese restaurant. It's always nice to see an Asian restaurant in Saskatoon without outdated decor. Everything looked very new and clean. I was telling my dad how much I liked the floor there too. The servers are friendly and do everything they can to give you a good experience. Shout out to Tina for being a great host and to her mom for being such a sweet lady.

They have a good selection of Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai food. They had a lot of choices from rice dishes, vermicelli dishes, Pad Thai, soups, appetizers, combination meals and more. I had a lot of difficulty of deciding whether I wanted to order vermicelli noodles or pork chop and egg on rice. I went with the vermicelli this time, but I am definitely going to try the pork chop and egg on rice next!

We ordered two pork summer rolls and vermicelli lunch specials. When ordering the summer/salad rolls, two rolls is equivalent to four rolls and four rolls are equivalent to eight. These are the longest summer rolls that I have ever had. They were pretty good. I usually like my sauce thicker, but everyone has their own opinion. This was my first time eating basil with my summer rolls though. It gave it a nice refreshing after taste, you should try it for yourself.

The vermicelli complimented by chili pepper paste and Sriracha was good as well. The cooked green onions gave it a nice taste. The spring rolls were crisp and not greasy. I tend to eat mine at the beginning because they aren't as good soggy. Like Fong's Kitchen, the fish sauce is already at the bottom of the dish. If you do not like using fish sauce or only a little amount, I am sure you could ask for it on the side. Also if you have a nut allergy, let them know before hand. Asian restaurants notorious for sprinkling peanuts on their food (even my grandma does it to our food, and my siblings are allergic to it).

I had a great first experience at Summer Roll. It had good prices, a large selection, fresh food and good service. Why wouldn't I go back? By the sounds of it from friends and Urbanspoon, everyone else has been enjoying it too.

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  1. Looks good. Though I'm dying of starvation right now so I'm probably a little bias.

  2. Wonderful place. Great owners and great service. Would go back 100%. Had chicken pad Thai and pork summer rolls. They were amazing.