Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's Chat: Ip Man

(Y)Ip Man was a martial arts movie that released in 2008. Kung-fu legend Donnie Yen takes the role of Ip Man. Historically, Ip Man is known for being a grandmaster of the kung-fu style Wing Chun and training Bruce Lee. This film can be enjoyed by almost anybody. There is an American version but I prefer reading Cantonese subtitles.

The film is set in the 1930's in Foshan. Foshan is filled with many martial arts schools. Ip Man keeps to himself even though he is known as the most skilled fighter. Like many kung-fu movies, the Chinese are being invaded by the Japanese (I love the idea of kung-fu versus karate). The Japanese successfully invade Foshan and many Chinese families are left with nothing, including Ip Man. He reunites with old masters and friends and learns about private fights that are between the karate students and the challenger. By defeating the karate student, they are gifted with food. Ip Man makes a name for himself throughout Foshan once again and with the Japanese and is given the chance to fight the Japanese general.

I really enjoyed the fight scenes, especially when Donnie Yen fights the 10 black belts. At times the fights could be quite humorous and others left you at the edge of your seat. I was very impressed with Donnie Yen's performance, his age has not stopped him. Wing Chun is not my favourite style, but it sure was entertaining this time around.

This was a great movie to watch. You don't have to love watching fight scenes to enjoy the movie. Dallas seemed to really enjoy it and he is not usually one to view movies of this genre. The story line was good, and what made it even better was that it was based on a true story (not completely accurate). I felt attached to the characters and plot, I kept saying how impressed I was with everything after the movie was completed as well. I later watched the Ip Man 2, but was not nearly as satisfied. Hopefully I find this movie so I can purchase it on Blu-Ray one day.

Let me know your thoughts on Ip Man and feel free to recommend more martial arts flicks!

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