Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a Taste: New Island Sushi

As far as I know, New Island Sushi was the first all you can eat sushi restaurant that was opened in the city. If this is true, they really set a trend.

It is located on Circle Drive and Quebec Avenue.

The restaurant now is much nicer than how it looked when it originally opened. There is one large television that usually plays sports highlights, a small dessert buffet and seating on the second level. The servers there are polite but don't speak too much. English is a second language for many of them so I understand completely. Servers come around often to fill up your glass and bring food quickly.

The menu contains sushi individually, maki, hand rolls, soups, rice and noodle dishes, tempura, deep fried dishes and sashimi.  The menu is quite large, each item will have a blank box beside it. It's quite easy to order, all you do is write the quantity you wish to order inside of the box and they come and grab the menu from you. The good thing about going hungry and with many people is that you have the chance to try many items.

You could never compare a place like this to a specialty sushi restaurant in terms of presentation and the food itself. But that being said, it is still satisfying and a great deal. I enjoy all of the tempuras and the chicken and vegetable fried rice more than anything else here.

New Island Sushi is one of the more affordable all you can eat sushi restaurants in Saskatoon. It's not worth going to just grab a small bite and eat a few select items. It is a good place to go out for lunch or supper with a lot of people, this way you can try a lot of things. New Island is a good place for people eating sushi for the first time. This way you can try and experience different kinds of sushi. Not only do I recommend New Island Sushi, but other restaurants that are similar to it as well.

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  1. The place looks great! I think the ambiance there is laid back. Besides the food, the interiors look great, too!