Saturday, January 7, 2012

My First Cookbook

I enjoy food so much I needed to buy a simple cookbook for myself. I love to eat but have never learned how to cook in the past. I am not a very hands on person and at times can be quite lazy. Rather than making frozen meals that can be cooked in the oven I have decided to try and be more interactive and have fun with cooking.

My aunt was over for the holidays and some of her hobbies include baking and cooking. Every evening we had something different such as spicy black bean chicken, Thai curry and carbonara. She has inspired me to prepare some meals on my own. I went to McNally Robinson to grab myself this book, Aashna picked it out for me. It's small, simple and has delicious looking photos. Many recipes have jumped out at me as I skim the pages such as Vietnamese beef pho, hummus, poached eggs and bacon english muffins and Hawaiian vodka.

I may just show you some of the foods I create.

Love the North

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