Friday, January 6, 2012

Just a Taste: Winston's English Pub

Just last night some of the guys and myself went to Winston's English Pub. My purpose of going was to try the new Paddockwood Cask Ale. It was being advertised on Twitter and caught my attention. It was much different from anything I ever drank. Each beer has an acquired taste and this one was not for me. It had a strong after taste, but a nice apricot-like taste and smell which was nice.

For food, JJ ordered himself a burger and I ordered myself the fish and chips (Thursday special). The fries being stolen from my plate were delicious in the opinion of my friends. The fish's batter was quite thick and could have been cooked a bit more. For $6.95 it was a very good deal. It was being ordered by quite a large number of customers throughout the pub.

The guys really seemed to enjoy the Newcastle beer and the World Juniors final. They even stated how much they enjoyed the English Pub theme and menu choices. I could not agree anymore. But the service wasn't on point this evening, it is generally better.

Love the North

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