Thursday, January 19, 2012

Essentials: Brent

Look at that, another essentials post cats and kittens.

This one is brought to you by Brent Frondall.

Take it away boss.

1. Samsung Galaxy S2: No idea why I bought this phone, I hate touch screens. (Sorry about the picture but I used my GoPro since my phone is my camera)

2. G-Shock Watch: I used to hate when people had these watches when I was a kid. Then I realized they are actually durable, maybe this watch will last? (Notice that the digital and analog times don't match, someone fix it for me)

3. Nixon Wallet: No idea why I chose this color. Every time I take it out of my pocket I feel like a little boy, need an upgrade. No point in opening it up since I never have money...

4. Keys: 1st thing most people notice is my walkie-talkie remote starter, its huge and doesn't like to come out of my pocket easily. That round grey fob is for my Chiropractor, its pretty nifty.

5. 32GB iPod w/ Skull Candy headphones: This is actually my moms iPod...mine broke. Cheap Skull Candy headphones that also make me feel like a little boy because of the color, they also drive me nuts cause they aren't comfortable at all.

You can follow Brent on his twitter account: @Gnarnia88 and if you see him in real life, give him a hug or exchange daps.

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