Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a Taste- Aroma's

For lunch I went to Aroma's, it's located inside of the Radisson Hotel. Rather than just having a lower priced lunch menu, it contains options that are not included on the regular menu. Aroma's prepares dishes such as salads, sandwiches, pizzas, ribs, seafood and steaks. They have specials on different nights of the week as well. For example, on Wednesday night their pizzas are half off their regular price. Every so often my co-workers and I stop by after a shift to grab a bite. This place tends to get quite busy because not only do their guests eat here but Saskatoon citizens as well.

I ordered the Double Club, it is the restaurant's take on a club house. The dish wasn't very big, but it was good. It contained fresh vegetables, turkey, bacon and chipotle aioli. It came with a side of fries (or soup or salad). They were similar to Las Palapas' but were much saltier.

If you are downtown give it a shot, and make sure to try their pizza on a Wednesday evening!

 Pass the Beef

Double Club

Love the North

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