Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just a Taste: Minh's Garden

Minh's Garden is a Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai restaurant that has been open for about a month. It is located in the North end on 51st street. Like majority of Asian restaurants, the interior design is not modern but don't let that disappoint you. Service is good, including the family owners and hired staff.

Since it was my father and I again we went with our traditional salad rolls (fresh rolls or cold rolls or whatever you would like to call them) and vermicelli dishes. Here they had the four different types of salad rolls and many different combinations of vermicelli dishes.

The grilled pork rolls were great, the best I have had in the city I would think. My dad liked them a lot too, but he was saying he wished they had a pork meatball option. The sauce was thicker (the way I like it..) and complimented the nicely wrapped rolls.

We each ordered the vermicelli with spring rolls, rice shredded pork and grilled pork ($8.50). My father was impressed with the way it was presented (but once again wished there was a pork meatball option). It was delicious. I would say it was unique because of the use of the rice shredded pork, it added a nice texture to the noodles. Grilled pork is always tender making it my favourite choice for all Vietnamese restaurants. It was a large portion too, many restaurants disappoint me with small dishes.

If you enjoy Asian dishes and want to try a new place, Minh's Garden is a good option.

Love the North

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