Friday, January 20, 2012

Just a Taste- Nha Trang

My father and I are still trying to eat at as many Vietnamese restaurants as we can within Saskatoon. The other day I went to try Nha Trang for a late lunch. It is located on 33rd Street close to the Safeway. The menu has quite the selection with about three specials a day. Because we went after the lunch rush, we did not have to wait long for our meals. I ordered the grilled pork salad rolls and a special vermicelli (meatball, shrimp, pork and a spring roll).

The salad rolls were really good, but I must warn you if you are allergic to peanuts. This is the only place I have been to so far that puts the nuts inside of the roll. It added a nice texture, but they put it inside without warning you (like most Asian restaurants). The sauce on the other hand was very thin, and I personally am not fond of it.

The vermicelli was very good as well. The portions were very generous and prices were fair. We were quite excited to see that they had the meatball as an option but have never had small ones like these. They were very chewy, almost like a rubber. I ate two and had to leave the other two in a separate dish, I hate wasting food but they were not enjoyable. I would eat here again but next time go with a different dish.

Love the North

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