Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a Taste- Yip Hong's

I have done a post on Yip Hong's in the past based on their dim sum. They also have quite the selection for dinner if you choose sit down or to take out. One day last week after a long day at school I met my family for a Chinese meal. Regardless of your order, it begins with a complementary soup and Fortune Cookies. It is a place to share dishes rather than order individually. Many dishes are served without a side, this way you can come with family or friends and have just a taste of everything.

All of the dishes we ordered were fantastic. Yip Hong's makes the best ginger beef that I have eaten in the city. It has a nice amount of sauce while still remaining crisp. The gai lan is an essential for the family. For those who do not know, gai lan is a Chinese vegetable that is known as "Chinese broccoli". Other than that, we try to order different things each time. Be experimental and try something new!

Complementary Soup 

Special Fried Rice 

 Ginger Beef

 Singapore Noodles

 Salt and Pepper Squid

 Gai Lan

Beef Brisket

Love the North


  1. Salt & pepper tofu!! Excellent & not actually on the menu but if you order beans with garlic they know exactly what you want! A plate of green beans in a delicious garlic sauce!