Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Chat: Summer Footwear

Summer is your chance to wear colour and lower profile shoes on a regular basis. By that time you can put your Hunter's or Timberlands in the closet until another season. The footwear you choose for Summer can really make your outfit pop, I think we should be our neutrals (white/grey/black) away and have some fun. Colour screams fun.

On a regular summer I generally still wear denim with a pair of Nike SB's, but hopefully this season I can mix it up a bit. I want to wear shorts more often and find myself some Nike Lunar Flows to wear often. I love that athletic and comfortable look.

Finding yourself a pair of shoes doesn't even have to be expensive either. You can find yourself a couple of pairs of Converse or Vans for under $100. It's Saskatoon, we have yearly Summer sales. Just make sure to take advantage of them.

Last year I saw that many people wore flats, Toms, Sanuks and Vans. Styles come and go, one day it will be a Sperry Top-Sider and the next it will be back to your favourite pair of sandals. What's your plans for this year?

Love the North

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