Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alife Chuck High Indoor

This is Alife's chukka style shoe. I currently own a pair of Clark's Desert Boots but because these fit me better, they deserve this little show case. Let me explain to you why I like them so much.

Firstly, I am really excited about the olive green suede. This is a colour that I recommend for everyone's wardrobe, both men and women. It's more fun than your classic heather grey or charcoal. Secondly, I have never seen a pair of chukkas with a gum sole. It's nice and low to the ground, the lower profile gives you a clean look. On top of that, the gum sole looks like it has inspiration from the adidas Samba.

The last reason why I like these so much is because of the fit. Inside the shoe is a sock liner fit, my foot truly does fit like a glove. I would imagine that sweating must be a huge issue in them too, but Alife has tried to prevent that by perforating the mesh inside the shoe to allow your foot to breathe a little.

I am looking forward to wearing these shoes, they will definitely receive more action in the Fall. They are a great casual shoe that can also be used on a night out or special events.

Love the North


  1. You can buy them at Momentum in the city. If they don't have them you can purchase them online at Livestock.