Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a Taste: Riverbend Plantation Market Cafe

Riverbend Plantation can be found at Saskatoon's Farmer's Market at the East end of the building.

It shares the same as environment as the rest of the Farmer's Market. A lot of families, fresh foods and live music are just a few of the things that you can expect.

There was a large selection of affordable and delicious sounding sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. The breakfast menu consisted of muffins, a waffle dish and a fresh breakfast sandwich.

I ordered a waffle with Saskatoon berries and whipped cream. They make it in front of your eyes, so you know it's fresh. It costed $7 and was very filling. When I looked at it, it looked pretty small but I was deceived. The waffle was soft and warm, definitely the best one that I have eaten in a long time! The berries were very sweet though, no syrup would be needed for this dish.

Love the North

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