Tuesday, May 8, 2012

adidas Predator LZ

Soccer Cleats 101: Lethal Zones

  1. First Touch is magnetic. The ball can’t resist its grip. Kill the ball with one move and kill them with the next.
  2. Drive is a sledgehammer. Take a swing and nail that explosive long pass.
  3. Dribble is voodoo. Leave a trail of spellbound defenders behind.
  4. Pass is a skeleton key, opening any defense with speed and precision.
  5. Sweet Spot is a sniper who can curve a bullet. Take aim, fire and wait for the crowds to explode.
I really like what adidas has done here with the use of research and their drive for innovation. The idea of having pros discover "lethal zones" and creating a boot to accompany their styles is wonderful. adidas has always cared about contributing to the game as well as the athletes. Although I really like this boot, I am sad at what the Predator line has become. Until the day I try these first hand, I do not believe that a microfiber material can replace a kangaroo leather. Rebranding is sometimes very important, but the Predator has heritage and I feel like this boot is going in the same direction as all of their other new products. I specifically mean that lightweight seems to be adidas main purpose or advantage over other soccer companies.

My final verdict is that these are cool and look fun, but that I don't believe that these should be part of the Predator line.

Love the North

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