Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scion iQ: Smart

For those that are unaware of this new car brand, Scion is a division of Toyota aimed to provide affordable cars to a younger demographic.

Set to release soon is the Scion iQ, the World's smallest 4-seater. It features an innovative seatingplan known as the "3+1." Basically three full-sized adults and one child/baby seat. From the videos I've watched, it really can comfortably fit three 6' tall adults and a baby seat. I don't know how they figured they can fit a small child though...

This car has gone through some heavy engineering to make everything fit. I'll save you the details, but it really is an engineering marvel.

Because Scions are marketed to a younger crowd, there are a lot of customizable options available from the manufacturer. That means body kits, rims, lots of paint options, performance parts, and the like.

This car is in the same market as the Smart ForTwo, Mini Cooper, and the Fiat 500. Personally, I think this is going to come out as the big dog in the small-car market. We don't have a Scion dealership in town, but keep an eye out for the iQ in the near future. There should be a couple cruising around town.

Stay classy Saskatoon,
Jason Tran

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