Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a Taste: Saskatoon Asian Restaurant

Today after a work function, I was terribly hungry and asked JJ to go out for supper. He recommended Saskatoon Asian Garden, and I haven't been there in years so it sounded like a grand idea. They are known for preparing Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese meals. We both went with different vermicelli dishes, he had the BBQ beef and I went with the BBQ pork. One thing that impressed me is that they are one of the only Asian restaurants I know that do not serve peanuts without asking. The other thing that impressed me was the crunch in a spring roll even after being soaked in fish sauce. I like a stronger fish sauce on my noodles, but I was able to add more flavour with the addition of spices and Sriracha (Rooster/Cock sauce).

In conclusion, the meal was affordable, staff was friendly and food was tasty. I am still on the adventure of finding the best vermicelli in the city, so I will continue trying both old and new Vietnamese restaurants.

 Vermicelli with BBQ Beef (as you can see, we also managed to win the Campus Rec league)

Vermicelli with BBQ Pork

Love the North


  1. Nutana Cafe on Broadway has my favorite spring rolls in the city. You should try it if you've never been.

  2. Thanks Derek, they're pretty good there! And yes Farfan (Anthony), Little Schalke prevailed.

  3. Norm's is the best vermicelli out there for real

  4. Norm can be on Little Schalke FC if he wants. He's sassy and nimble.

  5. Saskatoon Asian Garden foods is very tasty. they one of the best restaurant in asia country.

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