Monday, November 14, 2011

Just a Taste: Fuddruckers

I always remember of my cousins in Calgary wanting to go to Fuddruckers because of the good experience they had in the United States. Then it makes me think of how I don't understand how Fuddruckers didn't survive any where else across Canada, this place is the closest thing to going outside to barbecue. It is your basic family restaurant, children want to go there because of the activity centre around it and it's a good place to go for a birthday or with the sports team.

The food is good as well, I typically order a burger or a taco salad. The greatest thing about either is piling your meal up with fixins from the salad bar. My dad always says that messier the food, the better it is. The assortment of burgers here are much better than fast food restaurants, especially when you are paying pretty close to the same price. I'll just assume you have been to Fudd's before too, they changed their wedge fries to straight fries which was a disappointment for me. Although you change that disappointment around with the desert menu, it includes ice cream, cookies (oatmeal raisin is my favourite) and to die for pies. I like to grab my little cousin an apple pie from here because they are his favourite.

Fuddruckers is a busy restaurant, but that should not stop you from going there. Sometimes at work we will even call and order for take out. Go for you child's birthday, out with the guys for a quick meal or with that girl you've been trying to get to know, it's a place for any occasion.

Love the North

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