Monday, November 7, 2011

Essentials: Ryan

Here are some items that I almost never leave the house, whether they are in my backpack, being worn or in my pockets.

I never leave the house without my phone. This thing is my alarm clock, calculator and of course communication device. It has taken a hell of a beating and for the most part has pleased me.

Lip chap is for those cold days, trying to avoid those dry lips. Women don't want that and neither do I.

I bought this leather bracelet from Monacle. All proceeds made were used to help Japan after their natural disaster. I usually wear something on my wrist outside of the house, otherwise I feel naked.

You probably can barely tell what this is, I can't even. But it's my wallet. It's basic and does the job.

I am currently wearing Ray Ban's "New Wayfarer". It's hard to find a pair of sunglasses for my lack of nose bridge but these seem to work. Whether it's Summer or Winter it is always wise to have a pair of shades in the car.

I've had this G-Shock for almost five years now. Back then I got it because it was trendy, now I use it because it's reliable. It has an automatic backlight, stop watch and a long lasting battery. I make sure to have it on me when I am outdoors late or even just to write an exam.

The Canon S95 is perfect for my lifestyle. It's a quality point and shoot camera that I can carry around with ease. This is what I use for my "Just a Taste" posts or when I take videos. If you need one of your own I highly recommend it, they just upgraded to the Canon S100 and it makes me jealous.

Here are some basics: keys to the whip, USB device and a Las Vegas bottle opener. Not much to say about these. I like carrying minimal keys in my pocket and the USB is for school and work. The bottle opener on the other hand stays in my bag for those house parties.

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