Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a Taste: Yip Hong's

This past Sunday, Aashna and I went out for dim sum. I usually go to Yip Hong's and if it's busy I will go to Mandarin. They are pretty even in my opinion, but one location is just closer than the other. 

My first recommendation is to go at 10:30, this is when the first rush of people generally is. It is hard to find a seat after this time, the waiters give each group a number as you wait. In our case, we waited for 10-15 minutes. If you plan on sleeping in, around11:30 the second rush begins. Many of my friends like to go at this time but I prefer going earlier for the fresher food and first pickings. 

We ordered rice noodles with BBQ pork, deep fried taro root, black bean spare ribs, sticky rice, pork dumplings and mango pudding with condensed milk. If you plan on going to Yip Hong's I recommend the deep fried taro root and for you to finish your meal with the mango pudding. It is worth the experience, I recommend for you to go with a group of friends or family to try a dim sum meal.

Love the North

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