Thursday, November 3, 2011

Essentials: Jason (@knownastron)

These are 7 of my most essential items. Can't leave the house without them. Keep reading for a little rundown on each item!

First and foremost is my beloved BlackBerry Bold 9900. It keeps me connected to my friends through BBM/text-messaging and Twitter/Facebook. Also keeps me updated with what's going on with the news, weather, sports, and the stock market. Can't live without this thing!

Before I get flamed for getting a disc-drive-less MacBook, ask yourself how often do you use the disc-drive on the go? Exactly! The lightweight is such a luxury when you have to carry it around campus all day.

I put these together in the picture because I use the pouch to carry my Magic Mouse (which attaches to my bag). The pouch is Porter by Yoshida, an extremely popular luggage/bag brand from Japan. Why a mouse when I have a track-pad on my MacBook? Because nothing beats the efficiency of a mouse people!

This is my everyday wallet. It is again, Porter by Yoshida. I picked this up in the Spring of 2008 when I visited Japan (picked up the Porter pouch above at the same time). It's been through everything and is still going strong. Japanese craftsmanship ftw!

This is my newest addition to my essentials... not really by choice. But upon knowing I needed glasses, there was no doubt in my mind I wanted Hugo Boss frames.

This is my most prized possession here; my Head Porter laptop bag, made by the same people that do Porter by Yoshida. Head Porter is their more exclusive (more expensive too unfortunately) and street-level line. A good friend picked it up for me while on his trip to Hong Kong. This is a great every day bag, has a compartment for everything I need during the day.

There it is folks, hope everyone enjoyed seeing their loot if you decided to mug me on most given days...

Stay Classy Saskatoon,
Jason Tran


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