Friday, November 25, 2011

Essentials: Dr. Larry Yang

If you see me out of the house, chances are I got most of these things on or with me.

Louis Vuitton damier graphite leather cardholder

Lose the bulk. A sleek cardholder is all I need for my ID, credit cards, and a bit of cash.

Leather Tether (hand made)
After losing my keys at the bar (and thankfully finding them the next day), I’ll never leave the house without my keys within sight; hooking them onto a belt loop does the trick. You risk looking like a janitor, but function trumps form - and lanyards are for freshmen anyways.

Audio Technica ATH-M50s
Great set of closed cans for any audiophile (or anyone who enjoys music and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a set of Beats).

Red Wing 875 boot
If you live in this country, you need a decent set of boots to keep yourself from falling on your ass or walking home with wet socks. I prefer Red Wings, but there are cheaper alternatives. Just remember that these boots fit a bit bigger than the listed size (extra room for when you wear wool socks).

Detour bar
I always keep two of these in my school bag; One for hunger emergencies, and another in case I forget to restock my bag.

Supreme fine gauge beanies
These beanies are cheap, sturdy, and have a minimalist design. Good enough for me.

So Dr. Larry Yang isn't actually a doctor... yet. Larry's currently in Medicine at the U of S and in my personal opinion, he's going to be one stylin' doctor. Catch Larry at the U of S library in one of his Supreme beanies or follow him on Twitter: @larryyang.

Stay classy Saskatoon,
Jason Tran

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