Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Essentials: Johnny SL

Some how I manage to fit all these in my pockets.

Samsung Galaxy S2: This is my personal phone. We have a love/hate relationship. So far its love.

Blackberry Bold 9780: This is my work phone. So now work can follow me home. Once again, love/hate. This phone makes me miss my old Blackberry.

Wallet: Simple card holder wallet. This is a rare picture because I never carry cash.

iPod and Headphones: This one's a bit of a lie, my everyday iPod is in my car right now and my brother currently has the car. Panasonic headphones, these do the trick just fine. 

Keys: Work, house, car keys and Ichigo's head.

Cigarettes and a Lighter: Everybody has their vices. Don't smoke. Seriously

Seiko watch: This watch was a birthday present from my mom so it holds a lot of sentiment. And there's red on it so it's extra fast.

Thanks again to Johnny for being our first guest to share his "Essentials". You can follow him on Twitter or visit his blog

Love the North

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