Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last Thursday night I left to Calgary to visit family and do some shopping. I was in Calgary for a short period of two full days, I almost missed my flight out forgetting my winter coat. Unfortunately this weekend in Calgary, just like Saskatoon it was cold with flurries.  Like usual my favorite part of the trips was the food, grandparents cooking and dim sum in Chinatown. I like dim sum and Chinese food in Calgary because of the different selection and low prices.
 Chicken feet, fried turnip patties, dumplings, donut wrapped in noodles & steamed dumplings
Chinatown intersection
Westernized Chinese pick up from "Pearl Palace"

For shopping I went to Group Seven, Chinook Mall (recently renovated) The Camera Store and Holt Renfrew. 

I spent the first evening at my oldest cousins place socializing and catching up on the Big Bang Theory. 

The second and third night I stayed at her younger brother's home who is also a fair bit older than myself. We spent one night playing a lot of NBA 2k11, Halo Reach and Resident Evil 5. At his house I drank some great smoothies such as jack fruit and lychee. Like usual we stayed up very late playing games, a personal favorite.

The last night he took me to my grandparents where we watched WWE and ate prime rib. After we went to a local pub for drinks, billiards and foosball. After I tried out Tubby Dog on 17th ave. and went back to his place to  hang out.
This morning was a struggle waking up to leave to come back home. I was worried because with my flight with Air Canada, I was on a small plane where you feel every movement. I did make it home safely though.

R. Mack

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