Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raw Denim test

In high school I bought a pair of WeSC raw denim from Momentum. The key to making any raw denim look good is to wear them often and not to wash them for approximately the first six months. I remember buying them and my parents said to me "That's disgusting Ryan! I am going to wash them." I was threatened for a long time and eventually gave in. But today I came across an article from the University of Alberta where a student tested his bacteria level on a pair of Nudie jeans that had not been washed for 15 months and then re-tested the bacteria levels after washing them.The bacteria was pretty similar to each other proving that raw denim does not get quite as dirty as everyone has thought. This post is mainly for all of the customers who have came into the shop questioning the hygiene issues to be involved with raw denim.

Past few days I have been looking at different fits and brands of raw denim and I am ready to restart my six months. I hope to find a pair in the next week.

Check the link at Edmonton Journal.

R. Mack

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